Headquartered in Mumbai
With office in Delhi
and Toronto

Working with clients across latitudes.

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About Us

We are here to build stories
that matter



It’s Simple. Stories Connect Us. It always has, since time immemorial. And we do, just that. We conceive, develop and design stories that connect brands and people irrespective of the medium. Our recipe is ‘No recipe’. We understand the dynamics of consumer behaviour even before we delve in to providing customized solutions.

This comes naturally to us with our bunch of whip-smart yet experimental chimps gathered from different boxes of life. Together, we build phenomenal chronicles that shape a brand’s personality. We are young curious minds ready to swim into the digital ocean of ideas. We thrive to bring variety, originality, passion & innovation through and in our work.

‘Think Like An MNC, Work As A Startup’, is our ideology. Over a period of 7 years, we have successfully taken this philosophy forward and worked with brands across segments & categories. We do this from our offices in Mumbai, Gurugram & North America.

We are Chimp&z Inc and this is our story. And like the world itself, it’s ever evolving.



There’s always space for more

FOXGLOVE - 2016 - Double Dholki Mumbai Mirror

Fox Glove 2017 - Bronze - Tata Sky

IDMA - 2017

SAMMIE - 2018 - Avon

Responsible Netism - 2018

SAMMIE - 2018 - Playgard


SAMMIE - 2018 - Tata Sky

SAMMIE - 2019 - Tata Sky

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