10 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically

Grow Your YouTube Channel Organically

Video content rules the digital world and YouTube is the ‘go-to’ platform for content marketing. It has evolved into the only ‘search engine’ for videos with videos available on every possible topic under the sun. When your content has a good reach on YouTube, it’s a general belief that you have already made your way up the success ladder. If you look the other way around, all successful brands will eventually have to resort to this platform with its increasing reach.

With more and more people aspiring to be YouTubers, YouTube channel optimization is the need-of-the-hour for the success of any new and upcoming channel, irrespective of the subject matter. Once your channel is a hit, the focus then needs to shift to not let the numbers fall. No matter how good your content is, YouTube has its metrics built over the years to measure the success of a video.

Here’s how you can grow your YouTube channel organically:

1. Build videos around specific Keyword/Topic
Your channel needs to have a theme that defines your brand. Always align your content with a single topic/keyword to get the desired amount of traffic and grow your audience. Stay on point and try not to deviate much. Choose topics that make it easy to create content.

Saimandar, a Youtuber with 350k+ subscribers makes his strategy to choose topics clear when he said, “I just make sure that whatever I create is genuine. If I enjoy making the video, the video will promote itself. Making videos on trending topics is the best way to increase your audience.” Streamline your production process and workflow either by setting up a personal studio, hiring assistants or a production team or having an editable template for your brand.

2. Get Branded
Give your channel a professional look so your followers and visitors take your brand seriously. Keep a set format or template so that your channel stands out and users immediately recognize your content. Incorporate your/brand’s identity into your channel so that there is uniformity across all the employed platforms. This gives you a chance to gain an upper hand amidst similar content.

3. Promote Your YouTube Videos
Cross-posting and promotions across different platforms are the best facilities social media has to offer. Promoting your YouTube videos on all the other social media channels is the easiest way to drive traffic to the destination. Now with majority platforms making special provisions to cross-post, there is no reason to let go of this opportunity.
You can also create a buzz by posting a trailer or promotional content of your upcoming video on other platforms. Video content promotion will play a crucial role in accumulating organic viewership.

4. Be the face of your brand
Show up! Be the face of your brand. When the audience knows the person behind the brand, it enables them to connect with you as an individual, giving the conversation a more realistic touch. This majorly benefits bloggers, influencers and YouTubers. All videos do not necessarily need to exhibit the face of an individual, but having an intimate connection with your audience can prove beneficial and urge them to stay tuned. “I believe personality matters on YouTube more than content. People look for someone to relate to. If you’re being transparent and honest with your audience, it will matter a lot in the long run” says Saimandar, explaining the need to connect with the audience.

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5. Post great thumbnails
Thumbnails are an invitation for the audience to click on your video. A thumbnail needs to give a preview about the content of your video and at the same time be visually appealing. It is so powerful that it can make or break your video’s success. YouTube uses these thumbnails to advertise videos in its sidebar and suggestions, so make yours such that it stands out from the pack. Videos with catchy titles and appealing thumbnails rank higher because of higher click-through-rate (CTR).

6. Fix days to post videos
Fix days or the amount of content you plan to release in a week so that the audience knows when to expect the next video. In this way, curiosity never dies and there is constant anticipation about what you have in store for your loyal viewership.
Never skip the schedule because that will break the cycle and put off your viewers. Regular and timely video uploads will keep people coming back for more. You can schedule your video using a scheduling app so that you do not default. If you have the bandwidth, create buzz pre and post a video’s launch. YouTube Video promotion never goes out of style because this basic marketing method still yields the expected output.

7. Create a library/ playlist for the viewers
Creating an ample amount of content on a specific topic/s will help your channel excel using the YouTube algorithm. To sort out your videos based on its content for the audience, create a library or playlist that ushers your viewers from one video to next without disruptions. This will boost your watch time and motivate them to subscribe to the channel.

8. Keep the Session Length longer
Short videos struggle with YouTube’s most crucial metric – Session length. Session length is defined as the amount of time a viewer spends watching videos on the platform. YouTube cares about keeping its viewers longer on the platform. One trick to extend session length is to add a playlist end screen.

YouTube gives you three options to add a playlist on the end screen:
1. Most Recent Upload.
2. Best for the Viewer.
3. Choose a Video or Playlist.

As the general marketing rule goes, the more calls to action (CTAs) you provide, the less likely people are to take any action. Thus, give them limited options to choose from.
Long videos help gain more watch time as well, which boosts your video’s credits. Make your video as long as it seems valid. This may sound counterintuitive, but longer videos equate to more watch time, which boosts your algorithm.

9. Go Live on YouTube
The live-streaming feature has taken social media by storm. You have a chance to make your audience a part of your real-time experience and be a part of theirs. It is a great way to churn out content by involving your viewers. Live video can be the easiest way to create video content if you learn to use it well. Within no time, all top social media applications have adopted this feature. It can be experimented with for novel ways to interact with your viewers.

10. Push for Subscriptions
One of the most prominent ways to know for sure that the viewers wishfully engage with your content is when they subscribe to your channel. Resort to the classic marketing and sales strategy. Ask them to subscribe at the end of every video you upload. Keep engaging with your existing subscribers so that they are demotivated to leave your channel. The other option is to partner with a video promotion company that will strategize a promotional plan for each of your videos, ensuring your video goes viral. Play fair! Do not pay for subscribers. Not only will this bring down your authentic engagement rates, but will also hurt your account’s credibility in the long run.

YouTube is the hotspot for video content. So if you choose this platform to express your talent or promote your product, make sure you optimize every feature this platform has to offer. Connect with our team for Digital video content production for ads and brand promotion.