Pokemon No: 17 Situations Where You Shouldn’t Be Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is every 90’s kid’s dream come true!

What makes this game one of a kind?

Pokémon Go is the latest in the technology of innovated gameplay.

It is a game conceptualized and created by Niantic, which was released in July to nearly all countries around the world. Its main USP lies in its augmented reality style of gameplay. Typically played on a mobile device, the game lets users experience the thrill of capturing Pokémon, training them and participating in gym battles.

Even the fact that the game hasn’t been officially launched in most countries can’t stop avid Pokémon fans from experiencing it. So whether you are playing this game because of sheer nostalgia or because you want to experience augmented reality Pokémon hunting, we have some advice for you. Beware of your surroundings!

We bring you a series that showcases some prime examples of when you absolutely shouldn’t be playing Pokémon Go!

Disclaimer: We love Pokémon just as much as the next person and ensure you that no lives or Pokémon were harmed during the making of this series. As passionate fans ourselves, we know the perils of getting so lost in the game that we’ve actually got lost in real life.

1. Follow her, especially if the direction she is heading is towards a lure module.

Follow me - Pokemon Go


2. Matters of the country mean nothing when there is an adorable Jigglypuff around!

Pokemon Go Mobile App


3. That will probably be your face if you don’t catch that Pokémon.

Pokemon no


4. A typical Monday morning grilling session with the boss. Probably not the best time to zone out and catch Pokémon.


5. A memory that he will cherish, as will you, but for a totally different reason.

Pokemon go


6. Running around for a good Internet signal is definitely what you shouldn’t be doing at a funeral.

Pokemon Go


7. Just 1 more Magikarp is what you need to achieve the exclusive Gyarados. Being shark bait might just be worth it. Right?

Pokemon No


8. This is just one of those instances where your tears of joy will be mistaken for tears of sorrow. At least you caught that Pokémon, right?

Pokemon No


9. Even God won’t forgive you for this crime.

Pokemon Go


10. She should have known, this relationship was jinxed from the very start.

Pokemon Go


11. Losing a limb or two might hurt just a little bit, actually maybe a lot. Is that Eevee really worth it?

Pokemon No


12. It’s not creepy to stalk people in the dark unless there is a unique Pokémon hiding somewhere.

Pokemon No


13. You’ll probably be paying alimony your entire life for this one.

Pokemon Go


14. Second-degree burns? Check. Inhaling toxic fumes? Check. The probability of falling in? Check. Catching a Charizard? Check.

Pokemon Go


15. Just one step to achieve glory, but things might get a little gory.

Pokemon Go


16. Mission Control: Apollo 150, what’s the verdict? Astronaut: The mission is a success. Mission Control: Roger that, what CP? Astronaut: 800.

Pokemon Go


17. If you get caught in the act, your Poké Balls are all you will be playing with for a long long time.

Pokemon Go


So tell us your crazy stories of Pokémon hunting and your toughest catch. If you’ve got an instance so crazy, we will definitely add it to the list.


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