2022’s Best Indian Digital Marketing Ad Campaign!

As the year came to an end, every other platform shared the highlights of the year with its users. From Spotify’s “Wrapped of the Year” to Snapchat’s year-end flashback, we have seen it all. (To be honest, it’s really surprising how quickly this year ended.) As a creative advertising agency, we can’t hold ourselves back from sharing with you some of the finest Indian ad campaigns that took the nation by storm in 2022. Without further ado, let’s get started with the “Indian Ad Campaign Wrap of the Year 2022.” Let’s go!

● WHY IS THIS A SWIGGY AD? | Swiggy India

You might have already seen this ad a couple of months ago and must have participated in the contest. (After all, who doesn’t want 1 lakh’s worth of Swiggy money?)

During Diwali, when every brand was hard selling itself to its audience, Swiggy came up with an out-of-the-world concept and created a buzz in the advertisement world. The idea was to create user-generated content where people had to come up with their theories and explain, “Why is this a Swiggy Ad?” More than 8 lakh users participated in this contest, making the campaign one of India’s top-searched questions on Google. Later, Swiggy revealed the answer in an 18-minute video with its popular “Gulab Jamun uncle.” With this campaign, Swiggy just took user-generated content a level above (literally).

● Spec Ad Contest | Dunzo

Dunzo, a fresh grocery delivery service better known for advertising through its animated mascot, came up with a spectacular idea. They created a “Spec Ad Contest,” in which everyone could participate, with two winners receiving Rs 25,000 each.

All the participants had to do was follow the instructions and create some awesome digital ads. We don’t know about the winner of the cash prize, but Dunzo gained good attention online with this million-dollar idea.

● Toofan Wahi Jo Sab Palat De | Thums Up

With an innovative ad concept, this Thums Up digital marketing campaign celebrated and praised national athletes as India entered the 100th year of the Olympics. “Toofan Wahi Jo Sab Palat De,” a national campaign by the brand, successfully inspired the nation and the athletes to compete in the Olympics.

While the campaign celebrated the Olympic heroes, it remained true to the brand’s core values. For the campaign launch, Thums Up collaborated with numerous Indian athletes. As a result, the campaign dominated social media platforms with a ton of likes, views, and reach. With its marketing heroics, the campaign managed to win attention from the masses. Thumbs up for such a brilliant campaign!

● #FaithNotForce | Bournvita

To celebrate Children’s Day, Cadbury Bournvita came up with a thoughtful campaign, #FaithNotForce. This campaign aimed to push the narrative on progressive parenting and make society recognize every child’s individual potential. Through this campaign, Bournvita tried to convey the message that parents should notice their children’s true talent and encourage them to be what they’re meant to be.

To execute this thoughtful campaign, Bournvita transformed its OG jar into something you wouldn’t expect it to be. (Who would buy Bournvita in a toilet cleaner jar?) As planned by the brand, the customers were shocked to see these forced packs, but eventually they understood the assignment. Watch their reactions here.

● Do Nothing | 5 Star

What if we told you that you could earn coins by doing absolutely nothing? Sounds like a plan, right? That’s what Cadbury 5 Star planned, and they asked the audience to do nothing.

Though they asked everyone to do nothing, they themselves set up a “nothingcoin bank,” where people were asked to sit and do nothing. (Isn’t that interesting?) What’s the point of earning the nothingcoins? You can spend them! The brand created a digital 5 Star Mall, where you can buy products with your coins or exchange them for JioMart vouchers. (Kidding, or maybe not.) The brand really deserves 5 stars for execution.

All these LIT digital marketing campaigns were only possible because they were backed by creative branding agencies. To create attention-grabbing campaigns like these for your brand, all you need to do is get in touch with a creative ad agency that holds expertise in taking over the digital world by storm.


Author bio: Riston Rodrigues is an Associate Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing blogs, he likes to write fictional stories, create short films, and play board games.