4 Tips To Power Up Social Brand Building For Gaining More Followers

From big brands to small, you can find every business on social media. The power of social media is such that it can help make or break your brand image. It can help your brand grow by increasing your sales and can even help you build a loyal customer base and following.

But before it does all that, your brand needs to build an authority and one of the best ways to do that is with the help of social media. An effective social media marketing strategy can help you gain followers and rise through the ranks. Building your brand on social media can assist your brand to reach out to the right people at every nook and corner. A large following on social media can lead to increased brand loyalty, high conversion rates, enhanced brand recognition, and what not!

Mentioned below are some powerful tips that can help you build your brand on social media:

Choose Social Media Platforms That Assist Your Brand Image

We live in a digital world where social media platforms bridge the gap between brands and customers. We use social media multiple times a day just to keep in touch with the trends, connect with friends and even check the news. This makes it one of the best mediums to reach out to potential customers and build a brand image. While there are many social media platforms that can help boost your brand image, it is essential that you choose a select few that cater to your brand and affect it positively. Find platforms that support your brand by looking at its characteristics such as its user base, features, etc.

Some of the highly used social media platforms are:-


Facebook is one of the most effective platforms to propel a brand. It has a heterogeneous user base and can be used to promote any brand virtually. 


Instagram’s popularity has been off the charts for the past few years. With new features such as Reels and Instagram for Business being introduced, it is one of the top social media platforms that can build brand awareness. Instagram is beneficial for the brands that rely heavily on images or videos for promotion, for example – a clothing store or a restaurant. It is a great platform to reach out to young adults.


Pinterest is a good choice if your target audience is women and you own a clothing brand or jewelry brand.


If you operate a business-to-business company, LinkedIn is the best choice to promote business-related content and get in touch with corporate influencers.

Get in touch with a media planning agency in Mumbai that can guide you through the best social media platforms for your brand. 

Promote Content That is Valuable And Shareable

When creating content for your brand’s social media page, think from the audience’s point of view. Take your time and think about what would your audience like to read? Will they engage with it or just scroll through? Is it valuable enough for sharing? Does it resonate with your brand? Create content that ticks all these boxes. Original, valuable, and shareable content will help your brand build a strong reputation on social media. 

Follow the principles mentioned below, every time you create content for your brand’s social media pages:

  1. The content that you share on social media should support your brand image and speak in its favor. Before sharing any piece of content, think about how your audience will react to it.
  2. Look at the data and figure out what type of content is working best for your brand on social media. It can be anything from images to videos to blogs. Figure it out and spend time wisely focusing on it.
  3. Use visual content as much as possible. If your audience connects best with your blogs, make sure to use images in them.

A media planning agency in Mumbai can help you strategize an effective content strategy that can support your brand image.

Reach Out To Potential Influencers

Social media platforms are abuzz with brands trying to promote their content. To cut through all that noise and emerge at the top is of utmost importance. While creating and promoting great content and eventually building an audience of your brand, it is only one part of the equation and a slower process. A faster and effective approach is to reach out to existing influencers on social media that are suitable for your brand. 

Now, there are different ways you can reach out to them:

  1. Mention their names in the content you share.
  2. Tag any influencers you have referred to while sharing content.
  3. Email them after sharing your content to let them know they have been referenced in your work.

The main aim of doing all this is to get them to share your content on their social media and reach their many followers. Be consistent in your content and this activity to slowly and gradually build a strong follower base on social media.

Plan Social Media Campaigns To Promote Content

Organic reach is now limited and diminishing with each day that passes. In these times, paid campaigns are a better way to build your brand image on social media platforms. Strategies such as contests and giveaways are popular among brands to successfully gain visibility and generate leads. To reap the whole benefit of such strategies, provide your audience with valuable incentives that encourage audience engagement and participation.

Social media is an important tool in brand building. But if not done strategically, it might not be useful. With the help of a media planning agency in Mumbai, plan out an effective social media strategy to build your brand socially.

About the author: Taniya Jain is a content writer at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing, she likes to cook, explore different cuisines, read romance novels, listen to music, and dance.