5 Ad Campaigns That Have Helped To Shape The Advertising Industry

Over the years advertising has evolved from just selling a product to fostering relationships between brands and their consumers. Advertising, today has come to encompass almost every aspect of crafting a brand identity- from logos to sales. There are blurred lines and unclear definitions to these terms that belong to an era long gone but still persistent and alive.

And over the years, through each era, there have been advertising campaigns that have stood out, influenced, and dictated the way business are run. Campaigns that can change the way people perceive advertising are campaigns that are not only worth talking about, but worth remembering.

Here are a few (because, there are plenty) of campaigns that have made it to the hall of fame.

1. Lemon

An ad that was not meant for its time, but created a ripple in its space. While all other car brands were boasting about their exquisite features in speed, size, and luxury, DDB decided to promote the small Volkswagen Beatle, as a SMALL Volkswagen Beatle. You didn’t get that, did you? It used what people considered a weakness to its advantage.

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2. We’re no. 2

Avis was another great masterpiece by the agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. When all the other companies were scrambling to be No1. Avis boldly claims no 2. as a more coveted position. And boy, did it work! Their sales skyrocketed!
Avis marketing campaign

3. Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger launch was a brilliant way to position itself into the minds of the consumers. Unlike Avis, it put itself on the pedestal. But not exactly on top. Well, it didn’t have to. Because curiosity is all it takes to get people interested and make sales… Hasn’t that always been the case?

Tommy Hilfiger advertising campaign

4. Coca-Cola

There are many campaigns from this big giant that has made it to the top of the charts. By intervening in their customers lives, the brand has managed to achieve a personal relationship with each of their loyal customers. For a brand to do that is nothing less than an accomplishment. Some of coke’s most accomplished campaigns are: The Aaah Effect, Share-A-Coke, The Happiness Truck, Taste a GIF etc.

Coke advertising campaign

5. To The Crazy Ones

Apple’s brilliant piece of work that praised craziness, initially was met with hard criticism but definitely stirred passion that it lives by today. Know more about this campaign, read here.

To say that these are the only ad camapigns that have changed and shaped the industry would be a cardinal sin. There are plenty of great and brilliant works of art that have become the cornerstone of the advertising culture today. Each day there is something brilliant being spewed out and consumed. There has been a revival in the industry, bringing together artists from different fields, cultures and disciplines, and uniting them with a canvas to articulate and create masterpieces. Advertising is no longer just selling products and services, but it is an artform in itself. We are in the midst of revival, but to deny the wisdom of the old would be foolish.