5 ORM Tips To Strengthen Your Brand

Online Reputation Management or ORM has become increasingly popular for brands in today’s digital era. Whenever someone buys your products or services, they expect it to be top-notch and serve its purpose but when this does not happen, they quickly take it to social media and put negative feedback. Social media platforms are public platforms and these negative feedbacks can be read and shared by everyone. To counter these views, ORM is essential.

But how can ORM be done with a positive result? Below are some of the tips that can help you do it-

    • ORM On Every Social Media Channel:

      One of the most essential ORM tips to follow is to have a presence on every social media platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube there is no way you can skip ORM on any of these platforms. Your social media presence contributes equally to reputation management along with your website. Being present on social media platforms helps in reaching out to more people and connecting with them on a personal level, without running a paid promotion now and then. When it comes to B2B business, LinkedIn is another powerful platform you can use for ORM.

    • Maintain A Consistent Social Image:

      Just having a social media page on these platforms is not enough; you have to pay due attention to them too. The first step is to build an audience there. You need to be active on your social media channels and come up with posts that represent your brand. One of the must-follow ORM tips is to be consistent. As you post regularly on social media channels, your reach will increase, and so will your audience.

    • Ensure That Your Power Players Have A Strong Image:

      This tip is a bit underrated but surely an effective one. Power players include the founders, owners, and C-level executives of the company. Their profile needs to be out in the open, as a company is closely remembered by its leading partners. Their positive reputation as an individual will attract recognition towards your company. This is one of the tips you should adopt right away! You can get your power players to talk about their experience in the industry, expert tips, entrepreneurship, and a lot more!

    • Have A Blog Page:

      Content is King! And this statement will remain true for years to come in advertising. This is one of the tips that will help you effectively manage your reputation. People are interested in what you tell them as a brand. The best way to do this is to create a blog section. Through a dedicated blog section, you can inform your target audience about your brand, what it stands for, your products or services. Creating a blog not only works as a beneficial SEO tactic but also creates your image in the market as a leader. The audience will get to know that you have in-depth knowledge about your field and will trust you more.

    • Listen To Your Users:

      Social media is on the rise nowadays. People get to know each other and interact without being physically present there. They like the freedom the social media platforms offer to express their thoughts and opinions. And thus, listening to what they are saying on social media is a useful ORM tip. Listening is a tool that is helpful for every brand. People have started using social media platforms to register their anguish and complaints. The brands need to keep an eye on what the people are saying about their brand and address complaints if any.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots of other helpful tips and tricks for successful ORM. If you are looking for professionals to help you with ORM for your brand or business, then get in touch with Chimp&z Inc, a brand management company in Mumbai. With an experienced team of ORM professionals, they can help you scale your brand to new heights.

About the Author: Taniya Jain is a content writer at Chimp&z Inc. Apart from writing, she likes to cook, explore different cuisines, read romance novels, listen to music, and dance.