5 Reasons Your Brand is Failing on Social Media

1983 is when the internet came to life, and 1997 is when social media came to life. With time, the importance of both the internet and social media went to a new high. So much that today we see 20% of the firms having a strong online presence and 80% of them struggling with their challenges. Today business happens on social media, and to stay ahead of the pack, you need to know and understand social media at the back of your hand. 

Here are 5 reasons your brands could be struggling on social media

1. Is that the right person

It is common to discover that the person in charge of social media is either from GenZ, expected to manage the company’s online presence in a trendy manner, or an experienced marketing officer who struggles to keep up with shifting marketing trends. It is difficult to handle social media based on the attributes of one of them, which is where the dilemma of choosing between them arises. An easy way out of this is for social media marketing companies in Gurgaon, Mumbai, etc., which can assist you in resolving issues and improving your social media presence, resulting in the development of a strong brand identity. 


2. Only selling, not propelling

Many businesses consider social media as a platform to sell products and engage with their target audience. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Sales are the last thing a person must focus on while curating content, as it immediately turns down an individual’s attention. In reality, social media thrives on content, stories, experiences, and information- all served most genuinely and creatively. Each piece of content you publish needs to drive a purpose. Remember, this is a perfect place to gain trust and understand audience expectations wisely.


3. Creating, but not promoting

One of the biggest mistakes an individual falls into is by curating the best content for Social media. Yes, you heard it right. Creating content is crucial; promoting it is equally important. There are countless ways to promote your content on social media. It also depends on the usefulness of the post, some content is totally out of the box and can reach a wider audience solely because of its concept and the message, but they come far and few. So instead of entirely relying on them, one must also devote some time to promoting the content.


4. Focusing on wrong insights

While posting content on social media, 92 % of people look for more engagement and better reach. These are vital for analysis but not the only aspects to consider. Connecting these analyses to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be the primary objective. Many individuals dispute this truth, saying it does not affect sales. One should know, social media is not for direct sales. Even though it is a digital platform, it still follows the steps of a marketing funnel, starting from awareness followed by interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and lastly, purchase. So, focus on what’s beneficial to the company for the long run and plan in that direction.


5. Underestimating the importance of outsourcing

Just because your father’s friend’s kid has completed a digital marketing course doesn’t mean he will be able to manage your social media. Social media management needs focus, expertise, and time. If your plates already have enough, the best option would be to move to an agency that can handle the task for you rather than letting your acquaintances manage social media for you just because they have a digital marketing certificate. Some social media agencies in Delhi and Mumbai are well-known for their outstanding social media campaigns and exceptional customer support.

Bonus Tip – Listen twice as much as you speak. We have two ears and one mouth, so even while connecting with your audience on social media, speak once, listen to their problems and expectations twice.

Although social media marketing is a crucial business tool, determining its direct impact can be difficult. It’s pointless to keep making the same social media marketing errors over and over again. So, always learn from your previous mistakes, analyze them, and start fresh. Social media is deep; sink in and discover its unearthed potential.