5 Tips For Digital Marketing Agencies During The Lockdown

Early this year, the coronavirus outbreak was reported as a pandemic, affecting millions of lives across the world due to restriction on movement and interaction amongst humans. The lockdown resulted in a lot of industries and economies plummeting. However, for the digital marketing industry, it is important now more than ever to assure people that this time too shall pass.

As an advertising or digital marketing agency, now is the time when marketers must do everything in their power to make the customers and people in general, happy. Here are some tips to get you started, if you are a marketer:

1. Keep calm

Times are tough and business is slow but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Countries like China, Italy, and Spain have shown that coronavirus cases reach a peak and then slow down. Eventually, the trade will pick up. But, until then and till a coronavirus vaccine is developed, agencies have to throw caution to the wind.

Being the messengers, you have to maintain calm and not let the already chaotic situation get out of control. Focus on keeping your businesses visible to create a recall factor in the mind of users, so that when the economy opens up, your followers remember you.


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2. Stay connected

Now, more than ever, people are using streaming platforms and social media. While most of the users are turning to streaming devices like Netflix, people are still pretty glued to social media platforms to communicate and keep themselves updated on the recent on-goings of the outside world.

To keep yourself relevant during this time, stay connected with your audience, communicate with them, create content that will create a lasting impression on them.


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3. Raise the bar by creating goodwill
People always remember a brand or a company who comes forward to help during the need of the hour. Be it rich or poor, homeless or animals, every community has suffered due to the pandemic.

Create an opportunity to help these communities. Do something that will not only raise your goodwill but also create an everlasting good impression on your followers. After all, everyone adores a hero.


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4. Improve your presence across digital

Most of the world is online right now. Because more than half of the world is staying at home, almost all public events like concerts, exhibitions, expos, etc. have been cancelled or postponed. People are searching, reading, consuming a lot of data across digital platforms, looking for ways to keep themselves entertained and occupied.

Grab this opportunity, and make your online presence stronger. Along with your social media content, create a sustainable plan for your website. Create content that will enable you to engage and entertain your audience.


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5. Adapt to the circumstances

Nothing can stop a successful digital agency from adapting to the circumstances. With limited movement across the country, now is the time when you let your creative juices flow and create content and strategy that is out of the box. For example, you must’ve observed that a lot of airlines and restaurants are now adopting the new lifestyle of physical distancing in their premises. Similarly, you can adapt to the current scenario and come up with ways to promote brands online. It can be a donation drive to help the needy or a fitness campaign to keep your audience in shape or simply a video saluting the bravado of frontline workers. Think about it and you can do it.


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While there are many ways to go on about keeping yourself relevant through these difficult times, it is important to understand that we are all in this together. We can only be successful when we come out of this if we are kind to each other and acknowledge the significance of each life.

Let’s follow the norms of social distancing and

Stay safe!