7 brands that are killing it on social media!

As social media is evolving at lightning speed, keeping up with trends is a herculean task. We’ve tracked down the 7 best brands that are killing iton Digital Media.

Read on and discover the seven brands that have their strategy down pat!


Visit the Oreo page on Facebook, and you’ll be treated to a bounty of interesting videos and posts that will get you hooked with the brand in so many ways.The team of Oreo has made sure that their content is very simple, short, and effective at letting the viewer know there’s a lot more you can do with an Oreo than dip it in a glass of cold milk.


With minimalistic designs and clever content, Zomato has indeed created a paradigm shift with context-based feed. Without being pushy like traditional ads, the brand has been effective with their unique approach. If you want to make it big in Digital media make sure to set Zomato as your benchmark.


You walk into any social media workshop in India and the one case study that is usually being talked over is Hippo. When compared to its competitors (the ones trying to catch the eyeballs of the fans with avant-garde social media tactics), Hippo stands out in style and how – by adopting an adorable tone of voice.

Red Bull

If there’s any brand out there that knows its consumers persona, it’s Red Bull. The brand simply understands how society uses social media and build strategies around that. And they do it really well! Believe it or not, they wholesale around 4.6 billion cans of energy drink in 2013, making it the most popular energy drink on the globe. There’s no doubt its presence on social media had something to do with it.


While most brands over the globe converse in third person, Skittles sent their competitors into a tizzy by being the first brand to talk in first person. The social voice of Skittles differentiates the brand from every other candy brand in the market. By speaking in the first person, Skittles humanizes itself and allures customers into remaining loyal. The brand also does a great job of getting their fans more involved via fun, colorful online marketing campaigns.


Nike has been by far one of the best brands to embrace social media. Like most global brands Nike has separate Facebook pages for each of its product categories. Interestingly the product-related content appears to get more interactions than posts featuring players, with one photo gallery of new boots attracting more than 55,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments. Nike handles their social media in the way that you as a customer would want and expect. They always keep fans interested and intrigued with content that’s fun and exciting – what other sports brands do social better? Nike clearly does it very well. Simple things, like the fact that they only targeted ‘Nike Women’ through Pinterest.


Airbnb takes delight in its enormous success because it establishes itself as a niche brand in the accommodation business. The brand’s strategy is all about visual advertising that attracts fans all over the world. On Instagram, the brand posts user-generated content that it curates from its hosts and guests. Through Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the brand offers travelers and hosts tips, asks fun queries that beg you to chime in, and keeps you updated on Airbnb happenings.