7 Creative Ways To Boost Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating custom content as per the needs of the audience in order to develop their interest in your brand.

About 60 percent of marketers share at least one content piece a day for their brand. Along with that, it costs almost 62 percent less than traditional marketing and can bring up about three times more customers. So why not focus on content marketing strategies? Let’s have a look at some.

1. Know Your Audience Well

Before you start with creating your content, it is of utmost importance that you are aware of your target audience. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, then you should determine who you are going to target and whether your audience needs it.

If you have summer clothes for young males, then you must create your content accordingly, keeping in mind the psychology of young ones. You must choose a theme, your display and your content for the particular audience.

You can simply create questionnaires based on your audience, as shown above.

2. Utilize Your Blog Page

If you already have a blog page on your website, great work. If not, you need to create it now, right after reading this article.

To be honest, blogs are really important. If you are running a blog or about to start it, you need to follow these tips – 

a. Include Listicles and How-To’s

The audience seems to engage more with listings and articles, providing them guidance rather than just information. They don’t want to learn what to follow, but how to follow.

Hence, it is important that your blog articles include guides and how-to articles along with listicles. Observe the example below of the beginning of a how-to article that can attract people.

b. Keyword Optimization Is The Key

You need to add keywords to your blogs if you want them to reach a larger audience through search engines.

  • Search niche related keywords via Google Keyword Planner.
  • Choose high-search low-competition keywords.

  • Include focused keywords with a density of no more than 2% in your content.
  • Use Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI (supporting keywords along with the focused keyword).
  • Target long-tail keywords and keywords having ‘WH’ queries.

c. Add Visuals To Increase The Engagement

Do not forget to add meaningful visuals to the blog article. Use graphs and charts to increase the interest of the audience.

3. Go For Guest Posting

Guest posting is another great way to market your content. About 60 percent of blogs take 1-5 guest articles every month. However, before you start with guest posting, you must brush up on some tactics.

a. Select Niche Websites

You need to select a website that works within your niche. Now, the question is how you will find such websites. It is really simple. Use the equation below to search niche related sites on google.

Niche keyword “write for us” or Niche keyword “guest post guidelines”

For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can search for – 

clothing tips for men “write for us”

Using this search term, you will get numerous websites related to your niche.

b. Target Your Product With Your Topics

Now, you need to select some topics through which you can build interest in your brand. For example, if you are selling hero jackets, you can create topics like,

  • How Wearing A Jessica Jones Jacket Can Make You Look Smart
  • Occasions Where You Can Wear Jessica Jones Jacket
  • How To Select A Suitable Platform To Buy Jessica Jones Jacket

These types of topics can work well for you.

c. Utilize Your Bio Section

Most of the websites allow you to include your link in the bio. Utilize it. Get a link back to your product or your website’s home page according to the guidelines of the website you are writing for.

Here’s how my colleague has got a link from business2community.com.

4. Invite Authors To Write For You

Along with writing blogs on your site and guest posting articles on various websites, you can invite other authors to write on your blog.

  1. All you need is to create a write-for-us page on your blog.
  2. Market your page and spread the word that you are accepting guest posts.
  3. You can use emails and invite different authors of your industry to write on your website.

It will bring their audience to your page, and you will, in turn, enjoy increased traffic on your site.

5. Leverage Social Media

Social media is considered the most important platform for your content marketing campaign. Be it your blog, guest post, infographics, product guide, or any other form of content, you should share it on your social media.

Along with this, you must utilize social media stories. Almost all platforms have this feature.

Simultaneously, one should run ads. I recently found a glut of ads while searching for “buy dissertation online UK” on Facebook. Similarly, going live will work. Give your users a chance to engage. Set giveaways for them, and it will surely benefit you.

6. Include CTAs

CTAs have their own value. Emails having CTAs can boost the click ratio to 371 percent. Similarly, different CTAs in your various content can create a sound impact.

All you need is to add a simple button which encourages users to visit your website or a social media platform or a product page, depending upon the type of content you have created.

7. Be Consistent With Your Theme

It is imperative that throughout your content marketing campaign, you should complement your brand identity with a suitable theme. It creates a psychological impact, and aids brand recall across different platforms. See how Coca-Cola uses a simple red and white theme for their content.

Similarly, essay writing service UK uses a consistent branding theme for their product and targets students accordingly.

Summing Up

It is important for your brand to utilize content marketing campaigns to the fullest. It will not only increase your sales but will also help grow your brand. Video content these days is trending. Along with that, utilize blogs, images and infographics to market your brand through content. 

I hope these ideas will work for you and will bring positive changes to your brand.

Author Bio

Melissa Calvert is a devoted lifestyle counselor, currently working at Crowd Writer, where students often ask to write my essay for me. She is fond of reading books and English literature. Melissa is a career counselor as well. She often shares her ideas using her blogs.