7 Industry Experts of Chimp&z Inc Unveil Digital Trends For 2022

The season of predictions is upon us with the year coming to a close. Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the digital world just isn’t enough. It’s imperative that you stay ahead of the curve. 

The marketing and advertising sector is set to undergo significant change as smart technologies and new advancements continue to grow. While some of the old traditions and patterns will persist, a few new ones will emerge and eventually shore up into established practices. With restricted budgets during the pandemic, agencies with PPC services in Mumbai had devised new ideas and plans that were not just pocket-friendly, but also trailblazers of new innovations. It’s also an incredibly exciting time for UX Design agencies in Mumbai due to the growing focus on ‘experience design’. Let’s take a peek at what our Chimp leaders have predicted about 2022. 

Shreyans Khanna, Chief Creative Consultant

“2022 looks poised for rapid growth of the Metaverse and it will open opportunities for marketers to integrate it into their strategy. It will be interesting to see how new technologies, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will be wrapped around digital and content marketing strategies. The conversation around the Metaverse is already picking up, and brands and marketers will now need to be on their toes to rethink their narratives by embracing the emerging technologies of the virtual world.”

Aman Singh,  DirectorMedia & Partnerships

“In 2022, the strength of AI and ML will dominate paid media, resulting in widespread automation. This may be interpreted by examining Google and Facebook’s emphasis on smart campaigns. Another key development to consider in 2022 is third-party cookie targeting. This will be leveraged to its full potential until 2023, with customers demanding better levels of privacy and data management. Marketers might choose to acquire and employ first-party cookies as they have a foreseeable future. Advertisers will invest in new technologies, and CTV that will gain traction in the Indian market.”

Anukampa Kalia, Sr. Creative Producer

“With reports forecasting an increase in global ad spending from 2021 to 2022, high ad spends are expected from the Fintech segment. With the government reclassifying cryptocurrency as an asset, more platforms will be driven to promote their ‘ease of use’ policy and fuel the customer acquisition race further. Much like the play-along mobile esports and gaming ads, interactive digital videos will be the way forward. Users want to engage with their favorite content and control the viewing experience – making it a far more memorable one.”

Vinodhini Murthy, Associate Creative Director – Copy

“Content would get even more personalized, more immersive, the copy or text would reduce even further. On the other hand, experience-driven, and realistic short-form video content in a story-telling format would work best. Influencer marketing is going to be on the rise and even B2B brands would be benefiting from this. What’s interesting is digital marketers are now encouraged to focus on fewer channels and better their expertise with it, it’s high quality over quantity for 2022.”


Sean Pereira, Associate Creative Director – Art

“Digital design trends are changing as quickly as a tweet affects Crypto markets. That being said, some trends are here to stay. Flat design and 3D will continue to go strong and with metaverse taking over as the new reality, 3D seems to be the imminent winner. Retrofuturism, my personal favorite, will continue to bring nostalgia to the digital (and offline) realms. Minimalism tops this list. With the noise of content going up in droves every second, minimal design can break the clutter and captivate the viewer. Geometrical Shapes matched with pop colors as an extension to minimalism will also be popular because of their fresh yet subtle approach. And then there’s surrealism of course, which is something that will never ever go out of style.” 

Hari Chakyar, Creative Consultant – Special Projects

“AR and VR will grow bigger in 2022. We will see more interesting tech integrations with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook will continue to find ways to stay relevant. We will see the rise of newer platforms in news media and social media – both dealing with short-form content. Our jobs as creative storytellers will be to keep up with the technology and help our partner brands to use them the way their audiences use them. Exciting times ahead!”


Alin Choubey, Associate Vice President

“More inclusive and diversity-led content to make space in brand communications. With deeper growing concerns amongst internet users, advertising is to be challenged by privacy. On the other hand, automation and AI will get deeper integration in not just execution and measurement but also planning campaigns. These shall make a marketer’s job more strategy-oriented. Data-driven marketing will become more prevalent. As a result, harnessing tools and insights will become key factors in the digital advertising industry. With Gen Zs gaining more buying power, advertisers and publishers will have to work harder to deliver engaging content that provides value to the audience beyond advertising. While content shall remain king for the foreseeable future, brands will have to invest more in creating content than just advertising it. In 2022, memes will continue to be an integral part of the content on social media. As my favorite brand, I would like to continue to see dbrand defy the marketing norms and stereotypes by keeping on-point communication and quirk on their Twitter handle.“

With these insights at your disposal, you now know what exactly to look forward to in 2022. Digital marketing has evolved leaps and bounds thanks to a growth spurt in technology. However, the content remains the undisputed king of advertising even in today’s digital age.  It’s a no-brainer for brands looking to up their content marketing game to seek out the best content writing services in Delhi to strike a chord with the target audience.