7 Most Successful Types Of Creative Advertising

“Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertising.”– Jef Richards. 

The best part about creative advertising is the fact that it is highly dynamic. What today is a creative advertisement could be obsolete tomorrow. This change in sphere invites multiple opportunities and challenges at the same time. The creative advertising agencies in Mumbai are accustomed to these changes and are always on the quest for a new opportunity, every day. 

Let’s have a look at seven successful creative advertising strategies.

1) Wit Adds Weight

People love to laugh. It’s the classic and best advertising strategy with unmatched potential. However, it is difficult to make someone laugh and remember the brand at the same time. A lot of ideation and suggestions go behind making a creative that fulfills the requirement. Humor is a difficult but perfect nerve to connect with individuals.

2) Art is the Key to Every Heart

Art is limitless. They have the ability to entice anyone towards the brand, regardless of what the company is about. Such art campaigns or strategies work best for brands that have limited options to either show their creativity or connect with a wider audience. A simple message portrayed with an artistic approach gets the work done.

3) Out of the Box Leaves One in Awe

Has it ever happened that you found a perfect ad and were overwhelmed by its positioning? Sometimes the idea can be simple, but the platform where it is displayed makes it picture perfect. Such strategies have a longer shelf life and are more prone to achieving the desired outcome. Take sufficient time, but bring out the best idea to the plate.

4) Create Experiences, not just Ads

Confused by this statement? Social media has now made it possible for brands to tap into advertising strategies that help them promote their content by the prospects, on social media sites. These ideas can be as simple as an Instagram or Snapchat filter, or a selfie booth for people to visit. This is a rarely used opportunity, with vast potential.

 5) Minimalistic Content is the Netizen’s newly-found Love

Minimum content, maximum output are what define minimalistic ideas the best. It brings out the ‘Oh Wow!’ moment for creative mongers out there, who are always on the hunt for something that is simple, yet impactful.  Having a creative outlook is not always the need of the hour. At times, simplicity rules the day. Understand when it is needed and get your minimal ideas onboard. 

6) Strike When the Iron is Hot

Don’t worry! We ain’t telling you to use phrases in your ads. You may grow tired of unabating social trends that appear on any platform, but if you want to connect with your audience, start loving them. Such advertising does not have a long shelf life, but it attests to the fact that the brand is updated and active on social media. This keeps one glued to the eyes of prospects. 

7) Squeeze Every New Social Media Update 

Social enthusiasts are the curious ones who like to learn about new updates and believe in promoting them at the same time. Why wait for others to be the trailblazers of an opportunity when you can rule? Start making the utmost use of the new updates. It might take some time to gauge attention, but it will surely help in reaching out to a new target audience every time you tap into something new. Try it!

The main aim of any form of advertising is to curate strategies or ideas that sell your purpose of advertising. Creative advertising is simple, but not easy. One must always be aware of what is going on in the world and how to make the best use of it. Creative advertising agencies in India believe in delivering the best to their clients and have proved it by their efficient work. Creative advertising is not what the team likes, but what the audience would love. So, set out and do what’s simple and effective. All the best!