7 Must-Know Paid Media Tools To Craft Successful Marketing Strategies

Paid media uses several elements of marketing to push content toward consumers.  Your business can benefit by investing in paid media strategy in 2022 to achieve great results. When the organic reach slows down or businesses require a targeted reach, paid media promotions are used to ensure that the content reaches the maximum number of people.

As the demand for marketing has increased, many media buying agencies in India have started providing strategised marketing services.

Here are 7 Paid Media Strategies for hacking growth:

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click is a widely used marketing tool for which advertisers only have to pay for the number of times their ad gets clicked by the users. It is a crucial marketing method in various types of campaigns to increase the reach of the business being promoted. This helps advertisers set ads based on keywords and target users who are searching for something specific on the internet.

Display Ads

The best way of creating brand awareness in the digital space is through Display Ads. They’re a very responsive medium which generates leads in abundance and works as visible banners for people surfing the internet. Display Ads require shortlisting of websites that have relevance to the targeted customers. A display ad placed on the website inclining with your product or service tends to be a rewarding audience growth strategy.


Once a user has already clicked on your ad and visited the site but hasn’t completed any action, retargeting is used to display the ad again on their searches. This leads to a callback from the user who might have left the previous time due to some particular reason. It is a more personalised way of targeting someone who was already interested in the ad. This reminds the user of their requirement and pushes them to complete the full course of action that they had initiated earlier.

Paid Influencers

Individuals or a group who are followed by a significant number of people have the ability to influence consumer decisions and thus are termed influencers. They validate a product or service by selling a personal experience to their audience. These paid influencers strategically present the core qualities and differentiating factors in creative formats to engage people and make the product reach a wider public through generated word of mouth. 

Paid Content Promotion

The quick outreach of content created with the intention of engagement & generating more traffic is carried out through paid promotion. It increases the visibility of your content to the targeted audience multifold, ensuring a better financial return. The articles or posts are tagged with “Promotion” or “Sponsored” to give out a direct message and purpose of the content.

Social Media Ads

Ads created for social media can be focused on a particular region or age as per the requirement to reach a set of targeted audiences in less time. All types of consumers are available on Social Media for marketers to target based on the demographic which lets them tailor their communication according to their interests and pain points.

Branded Content

While paid content talks only about the service provided, branded content on the contrary tries to focus more on the values of the brand. This creates awareness about the brand itself and builds a connection between the people and the company. It is a short-period promotion of content built around the brand but it makes a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Balanced use of all these tools will increase the chances of your ROI on paid media. The strategies thus are backed by research on the customers, the demographic, the requirement & other relevant factors.

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