7 Tips To Build Lead Generating Landing Pages

Tips to build lead generating landing pages

Whether you have a website to share, inform or sell, you certainly aim to succeed. This article will undoubtedly help you with that. Exclusive website design and an understanding of your consumers is crucial. For those, a lead-generating landing page or a lead-generation campaign is essential. They are mainly created to connect with and collect personal information about your potential customers. Its main objective is to increase interactions with your visitors.

The golden rule is, No Leads = No Sales

1. Design:
Good design commands how you want your audience to perceive you/your brand. They can either be impressed, check out the information on the website, or simply leave. Or worse, they might become your competitor. Approaching a website design company can be a good idea for overcoming this challenge. Convey your thoughts through your website design or the content design or both. Here are some tips that can help you achieve it. Do try the following tips for having an excellent lead-generating landing page.

● Stick to your brand colours, always.
● Let the ‘titles’ of your paragraphs be unique.
● Experiment more with the shapes & styles.
● Present information in a simple way so it is easy to read.landing page design

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Minimal content design

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2. Call-to-action (CTA):
Improve the performance of your website with CTA tags. A call-to-action is responsible for more conversions and more success than you have ever imagined! As the term CTA is used profusely in advertising and selling, your website design company must surely accommodate it.

● The CTA used most frequently is, ‘Sign up’ or ‘Subscribe’
● ‘The offer that’s ‘FREE’ must be the centre of attraction on your website!
● ‘Learn more’, ‘know more’, ‘buy now’, ‘visit now’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘reserve’ are also effective

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3. Web forms:
For more emphasis, you need to know that understanding your target audience is essential. Either for payments or searching keywords, web forms are of prime importance.
It is also a tool to track certain information of the visitors. Thus, it can help you accomplish your business goals. While designing the form, whose colours need to be similar to that of the website design, do consider these points.

● Ask for minimal information.
● Buttons and checkboxes make filling it easier.
● Make sure that you let the website design company help you optimize it for mobiles.
● Test your forms before publishing. Always!

4. Reviews:
Getting a review helps you build a relationship with your customers. A positive review will work as an incentive to help you perform better and a negative one helps you learn from your flaws. It develops trust between you and your potential customers as it’s the social proof that’s needed. The more reviews you receive, the more visitors you invite to your page. It benefits lead-generation. Recognizable shapes and familiar names can create miracles!

Reviews layout

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5. Highlight offers and benefits:

Good news! It’s free! Hot deal! Don’t miss!

Don’t these phrases compel you to check them out? That’s the power of an offer. It can build immense curiosity. Your website design isn’t just a showcase of your products and/or services. For being a lead-generating landing page, it also needs to explain to the visitors how choosing your product/service will be beneficial for them. Special offers that save shoppers money are great, but make your story stand out. A great website design company can help you design packages that target the right individuals and do wonders in terms of customer loyalty.


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6. Inform, engage, excite:
To make your landing page unique among others, it needs to provide the visitors with great content tailored for them. There can be countless creative innovations suiting your business, a great website design being one of them. However, here are a few common types of content.

● Articles
● Infographics
● Online Polls or Surveys
● Short Animations or GIFs
● Slide Shows
● E-Books
● Videos

Survey Form

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7. Conversion funnel:
All the above points have an impact on how a visitor interacts with your website. From the moment your website has a visitor (awareness) and completes purchase (consideration) till the time they check out, every click is studied meticulously. A visitor leaving the page as a customer is known as ‘conversion’. This entire journey is called a ‘conversion funnel’. Your website design plays a major role in improving the conversion rate (percentage of visitors turning into customers) of your website. The following image will help you understand it better.

Conversion funnel

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Let’s hope you keep these tips in mind and implement them to create an excellent lead generation landing page. Your conversion rate will surely multiply!