9 Tips To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Writing a blog article is a long process. It involves research, topic selection, writing, and editing amongst other things. It can take hours to complete an article and when it does not perform well, it can be disheartening. That’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is the process of optimizing your content to increase its visibility. It helps to rank your page higher in search engines and drives more traffic to your blog.

Here are some tips to help you improve your writing and help improve your blog rankings:

1. Think before you start writing

Before you start writing, consider your aim, audience and research the topic thoroughly. Your content should be able to answer, guide, solve or provide information.

2. Research

Understand your audience and your niche. Make your blog credible by fact checking your content, it helps establish trust with the audience. Researching can help you find relevant topics, keywords, add a framework and make writing easy.

3. Structure your blog

Always outline the structure of the article before you start writing. A good structure is essential to draw and engage your readers. Adding headings and subheadings create a clear structure that can make the article easier to read. Using smaller question-led subheadings can get the content to be on the ‘Featured Snippets’ section on Google.

4. Use keywords correctly

Find the right set of keywords. It is essential to maintain the distribution of keywords, unnecessary stuffing of keywords should be avoided. Long-tail keywords have lesser search volumes than short keywords, and are hence easier to rank. Using these in the title can help get more conversions.

5. Correct length

Long-form content has more information and is more likely to rank better. It is important to have variations and breaks in paragraphs to make it easily readable and appealing to the audience. A proper flow of content makes the blog engaging, it should not be loaded with keywords to increase the word count.

6. Add pictures and videos 

Including pictures and videos in your blog captures the attention of the audience. Creatives should be the visual representation of the content. It helps create a narrative and a clearer image for the readers.

7. Interlinking

Linking other pages in a blog is called interlinking. It helps connect your content, adds a structure to your website, reduces bounce rates and increases the number of visits. Backlinks help visitors navigate through the content and you can direct them to more relevant pages.

8. Monitor your activity

Keep a check on your content after publishing. Here is the SEO checklist for blog posts:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Bounce Rates
  • Search Rankings
  • Visibility
  • Page Speed
  • Backlinks
  • Page views
  • Session Duration
  • Keyword Rankings

With this data, you can evaluate your blog’s performance and take steps to improve it.

9. Make it readable

Your blog should be easily to read for the audience. Avoid the use of jargon and slang. It can be broken down into smaller paragraphs to organize and frame the content. An article should be easy and simple just like the one you are reading now.

These tips to can help you master SEO writing and drive engagement to your blog. If you need more help with SEO, Chimp&z Inc is a SEO Company in Gurgaon and Mumbai, that can help you optimize your content to reach the top of search engine results.