A Quick Guide To The SEO Practices For 2021

SEO is the leading digital marketing strategy used to maintain the presence of the websites on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimization is quite easy compared to its implementations.

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There are various tactics that can be used to gain visibility on the search results, but knowing how to use them is equally important. It has never been easy to stay on top of successful SEO techniques. People usually tend to make some common mistakes while performing the SEO for the website, and this sometimes results in failure in gaining a ranking and even getting penalized in some cases.

To take care of these mistakes, here are some common SEO practices that must be kept in mind for 2021:

1. Don’t Forget – Faster The Speed, Better The Engagement

The loading speed of the website plays a vital role in increasing the performance of the website. The faster the speed, the more are the chances of being ranked high on Google. Google Page Speed Insights is a very useful tool, used to provide recommendations to optimize the speed of the website.

The main reason for the high loading speed is the size of the images. It is always recommended to optimize the size of the images, resulting in a great change in the load time of the website. If it’s a WordPress website, you can easily install the plugins and reduce the size of the images.

It is also recommended to enable caching and gzip compression resulting in fast loading of the site for the returning users and then compressing those static files to load faster in the future.

2. Always Focus On Brand Searches

Google loves brand searches. Today, building your brand is more important than only focusing on the traffic on your website. For a successful SEO, you must focus on the recognition of the brand name.

You must increase the brand searches for your business. If more people start searching for the business brand name, it will automatically start ranking on the search engines at the top. This is the best and evergreen strategy to gain visibility and grow the business. Once Google is familiar with your business, you are not too far from gaining results for the keyword-based searches.

3. Making A Mobile-Ready Website

SEO is not only about the content and the keywords, it equally focuses on the quality and the performance of the website. 60% of the traffic comes from the mobiles. So firstly, you must check that your website is mobile responsive on the tool provided by Google, i.e. Mobile-friendly Test. If not, Google will automatically consider it as not friendly for the searchers.

Mobile-friendliness and page speed are the top ranking factors of Google search. Improving both of them on a priority basis, helps you to improve the bounce rate of the website drastically.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Building a dozen backlinks in a very short time span is quite easy. But, these backlinks may ruin the performance of the website if:

a. The site linking is penalized.
b. The site’s Domain Authority is lower than 20.
c. Receiving bulk of a similar kind of link in a very short period of time.

For the best SEO practices, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the backlinks and not the quantity. Linking to a relevant and a reputed website is the best way to build quality links and grow the business.

While the link building process is alive and performing well, we must avoid doing it in bulk and on the low DA backlinks.


5. Always Create User-Friendly Content

To rank on the phrase “Digital Marketing Agency”, it was necessary to include the phrase in the web content earlier. Today, that’s not the case, as the Google Algorithm now uses LSI keywords.

LSI means Latent semantic indexing, which means using the same words mentioned in the keywords at distance or using its synonyms in the content. LSI follows the principle that words used in the same contexts usually tend to have similar kinds of meanings.

So, for Google, the term “Digital Marketing Agency” is similar to the term “Digital Marketing Company”. So, if the word “Company” is used instead of “Agency”, your website would still rank. So instead of keyword-rich content, the focus must be purely on the user-friendly content.

6. Today, SEO Is Also About Having A Social Media Presence

SEO is not just about the hard codings, heavy links, and content. This was SEO, 5 years ago.

You may have noticed that the sites that perform well on search engines have a huge social following. This clearly gives an understanding, that social media presence, directly or indirectly, does impact the ranking of the brand.

The more popular your brand is on social media, the higher is its ranking on the search engines. This is because it grabs the highest attention resulting in the growth in the number of backlinks.

So, to gain a better ranking, along with link building, the presence on the social media platforms is also important.


So, now that you are aware of these SEO practices, let us try putting in conscious efforts to implement them in 2021. Below is the video that will help you understand the best practices of becoming a highly successful SEO Expert:

We hope that putting these things into perspective for you, will help you figure out, which SEO activity must be practiced, and where investing time and energy must be avoided.

According to you, what are the other SEO practices that we must implement in 2021? Let us know in the comment section.