A September To Remember In The Digital World!

Just when everyone thought that August was an exciting month for all the social media fanatics with all the cool updates, to top it off, September broke fresh ground and introduced even more exciting updates to fascinate social media users.

Without further ado, let’s explore the wide social media sea and discover what’s new in the digital world.


Oh snap, that’s a major update!

Lock Screen Widgets, one of Snapchat’s new features, will save chats from the app on the lock screen and have the Snapchat Camera conveniently located next to it. Additionally, the app has introduced Chat Shortcuts, which can be found at the top of the chat tab and allow users to see unread snaps and chats, missed calls, and reply to stories. Just like the Instagram story feature, you can now add question stickers to your snap stories. Last but not least, regular users can now access Snapchat Web, which was previously only available to Snapchat+ subscribers.

“One minute is all it takes” – Instagram story.

After the 90-second reel format update, Instagram users can now upload a 60-second story without having it split into 15-second clips. This means that now you don’t have to keep on tapping your screen to skip a video you don’t wish to see. Now, “one tap is all it takes, skippin’ video stories.”

The odds are short on YouTube Shorts’ success!

YouTube Shorts, with a 45% revenue split, takes a step forward in monetizing its short video content. Starting in early 2023, present and future creators will be eligible for income sharing on shorts. As advertisements run between videos in the Shorts feed, every month the money made from these ads will be added up and used to pay the creators of YT Shorts and contribute to the cost of music licensing.

Parents, read this, kids, look away.

In India, Instagram introduces parental supervision tools and a family center to help parents monitor their children’s online activity on a regular basis. The tools included in this feature will enable parents to take a more active role and keep an eye on how their children are using the app.

The supervision tools will allow parents and guardians to:

  • Control the amount of time their children spend on Instagram.
  • View the accounts that their children follow, as well as the accounts that follow them.
  • Receive a notification when their children report someone.

Hopefully, Instagram will be used for more educational purposes now!

All of these new updates are surely a treat for all social media users. We can only wonder what more is in store for us! Let’s enjoy the current updates while we wait for the coming month’s digital storm!