App Marketing Strategy’s role in the Overnight Success of FaceApp

Faceapp Marketing

Be it the #BottleCapChallenge, #IceBucketChallenge or the #KikiChallenge, all of them have one thing in common, which is the tremendous craze and buzz that revolved around them. Social media has transformed into a race that everyone wants to become a part of. Popularity and challenges go hand in hand, if the challenges are popular amongst the crowd, it’s likely to be trending everywhere on the internet.

Recently, FaceApp, an Artificial Intelligence face editor app, took the Internet by storm as millions of users transformed their faces to look older and posted them online with #FaceAppChallenge on their social media. From celebrities to the general audience, everyone was delighted to see what they’ll look like 50 years from now.

Let’s get to know more about FaceApp:

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a perennially popular free AI face editor app that can completely change your look with the press of a button. The application is developed by a Russian company called Wireless Lab, and was launched in 2017, but has recently gained mass popularity due to Hollywood celebrities sharing their humorous old edited pictures online. The app allows users to upload photos of their faces and have them edited like their future selves, but the question is, how? How did it gain overnight popularity, Let’s check it out!

Why is Marketing Strategy important?

Miraculously, FaceApp got an instant hype with a massive response from all around the world. Not just this, the app got more than 10 million downloads and recorded over 28.1k impressions on Twitter with over 5,000 reviews on Apple’s App Store. Digital platforms are the most essential part of any marketing agency, as for applications to reach their targeted audience, a proper digital marketing strategy has to be initiated in order to help the brands and advertisers to engage with consumers and create an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Why was FaceApp a success?

Trends may come and go, but a few of them stay with us forever. Nowadays, everyone wants to be a part of the conversation and want to look like the most interesting person in the room, for that, people are keeping up with the trends, and this how FaceApp has made its mark.

i) FaceApp challenge had something different than usual, it introduced people to what they’ll look like in the next 50 years, which is fun!

ii) Several famous celebrities jumped on the trend & posted their versions of #FaceAppChallenge online, resulting in a buzz amongst the crowd and an immense engagement for the brand. Here, influencer marketing comes to the fore, where it pushes the audience to take part in the trend as well.

iii) Each and every FaceApp picture had a clear watermark of the applications name, which made it easier for them to find out the application on their respective app stores. Great branding played as big a part in the success as a good marketing strategy as well!

iv) FaceApp became popular amongst youngsters and they are likely to exchange their likes and dislikes with each other. It’s quite normal to see something good and recommend it to a friend and that’s where word-of-mouth begins.

The internet is such an amusing and a creative place to be! Earlier, Snapchat also introduced a babyface filter which created hype amongst the audience as well, everyone was overjoyed to see their baby faces and were sharing the iconic results with their friends & family online. Similarly, It’s a social trend that’s ringing a bell which connects with the audience and gradually increases the curiosity about the application, leading to brilliant results for the campaign!