August Upgrades The Social Media World!

August Upgrades The Social Media World!

Social media has consistently proven to uphold its users’ trust and help them for their betterment with each update. Even this month, social media has introduced some fresh and fascinating updates for all the social media fanatics! Let’s take a quick overview of these updates.


WhatsApp adds more privacy features!

Apart from controlling who can see your online presence, WhatsApp has introduced more features to provide privacy to its users. Users can now exit any chat group without the members noticing, except for the admin. This means that now you don’t need to answer “Why did you leave our “Friends 4ever” group?” to everyone except the admin. Moreover, WhatsApp has introduced a screenshot blocking feature for ‘view once’ messages. Now you can share your images with no fear of landing in your friend’s photo gallery.

Facebook Live shopping comes to an end.

On October 1, 2022, Facebook Live Shopping will be discontinued, and brands and companies on the social media platform won’t be able to organize any upcoming or planned live shopping events. Although they won’t be able to make product playlists or tag products in the Facebook Live videos, brands and businesses will still be able to use the platform to broadcast live events.

YouTube Shorts is the new TikTok!

Just like India’s long-gone friend, TikTok, YouTube Shorts will now add a watermark to every video when downloaded from the app. This means, whenever any creator tries to download the content and repost it on other platforms, the YT Shorts watermark will be visible.

Snapchat+ is now available in India!

The paid membership service Snapchat+, which was previously available in ten other countries, is now available in India for Rs. 49 per month. Indian users are now able to use new features and updates before other users. It’s easy to use this service. Simply visit your Snapchat profile and select the settings button to access the Snapchat+ menu and view the different plans.

Mark’s metaverse avatar is the talk of the hour!

While announcing the meta-world, Zuckerberg published his avatar, which drew criticism from people who compared the quality of the avatar to games from more recent decades. According to users, the metaverse did not initially live up to the hype, and it didn’t require investing billions of dollars. However, Mark continues to defend metaverse development after online backlash. While all of this was going on, how could we not expect memes to take over social media platforms?

There is no doubt that the most recent updates, which include enhanced privacy and new subscription packs, have ushered in excitement among users in the social media world. Let’s wait and see what fresh updates are planned in the upcoming month.