Avoiding Stress and Crisis as Client Servicing Manager!

Client Servicing Manager Life
Source: AccessDirect Inc

E-Mail Notification: “Any update on the creative?”
Whatsapp Notification: “When can I see the video?”
SMS Notification: “Let’s connect at 8 am.”
Phone Buzzing: Stress Calling…Tring Tring… Tring Tring…


Is the situation really as stressful as you’re thinking it to be?
1 Minute of calm or 1 Minute of frustration?
1 Second of a smile or 1 Second middle finger?

We are servicing clients, we are managing a business, we are managing teams, we are making reports, and we are doing so much. But what we are really doing is learning and growing with every situation. We may see it as stress initially, but oh when the feeling of satisfaction on closing a task as a servicing manager strikes, it is blissful! How do I think the big stresses of a manager in the advertising world can be reduced? Here are my top tips!

1. Get organized!

You are going to spend those few idle and beautiful hours organising your Desk, Desktop, Laptop, Emails, Files everything. But the next day you’re going to be back to the mess. But DON’T GIVE UP! That’s how it works. Keep restructuring, keep organizing.

2. Is it on Email?

You can never go wrong if you put it on an email. It’s your alarm clock, it’s your private diary, it’s your recorder, it’s your secret weapon, it’s your safety armour, and it’s your way out always. Everything you are thinking, think you should be thinking, think others should be thinking, and think the client must be thinking – JUST PUT IT ON AN EMAIL.

3. So what do you think?

You are a human being. You are entitled to an opinion. Raise it, say it and slay it! If you don’t like it say it, if you love it say it LOUDER. Know when you know something, Learn when you don’t know something!

4. Lists!

List it. For your team, for your co-workers, for your clients, for yourself, JUST LIST IT OUT. Have your tasks in front of you for the day. Be realistic to what you can finish and when!

5. No > Yes (The most important one)

The power of No is much bigger and crucial. Learn to say when to say No. In the right situation, to the right people at the right time. Saying No when it needs to be said is a lesson learn for life!