Best 2022 Global Work: Here’s What Made Marketing Waves Around The World In 2022!

It’s a wrap for 2022!

And, we’re super stoked for the new year and the possibilities it brings. Being a creative agency, we are excited to build and witness ingenious campaigns that thrill the world. But first, let’s look back at some of the best work that inspired us this past year.
The mentioned ads seamlessly comprise integrated digital marketing services, latest technology, and most importantly, gripping storytelling.

Let’s go!

• Mannequins Spectators | Oechsle

A retail brand in Peru took it upon itself to fill up the theater seats when pandemic protocols wouldn’t allow it. And, they did so one mannequin at a time. Yes, you read that right!

Oechsle bought the vacant seats in theaters and placed Mannequins Spectators there. The catch? The mannequins showcased their shoppable collection. This move helped the struggling theater industry while bringing the brand’s products into the spotlight.

• Patrick Mahomes Presents The Coors Light

A star player features in a beer brand’s advert. That’s hardly interesting.

A star player features in a beer brand advert despite prohibiting mandates. Okay, that captures interest.

Let’s try one more time.

A star player features in a beer brand advert to promote a flashlight, thus sidestepping prohibiting mandates. And that’s a genius campaign!

The NFL has a strict policy that prohibits players from advertising alcoholic products. But this mandate did not stop Coors light from featuring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. All they had to do was create a new product and use some tongue-in-cheek humor.

• Sally’s Seashells | Squarespace

We all know the tongue twister about Sally and her seashells. But this year, Squarespace took this iconic twister up a notch. They created an ad featuring Zendaya and rapper André 3000 to tell a tale about Sally and how she made it to the top. The advert not only became one of Super Bowl’s most talked about ads but also went viral on multiple social media platforms.

• The Closer | Heineken

Work-life imbalance is the plague that affects us all. And, Heiniken came out with a weapon to fight it. The weapon was nothing but a bottle opener called, ‘The Closer’. The idea was that all the work-related apps would shut the moment a bottle of Heineken is opened using this opener. Through this campaign, the brand beautifully integrated technology with a cause that affects almost every working professional.

• Global Rift Takeovers | Stranger Things 4 | Netflix

It’s hardly strange for Netflix to conjure eye-ball-grabbing marketing stunts, and they sure didn’t disappoint while promoting Stranger Things S4. The brand brought the Upside Down World to the entire world!

They took over 15 iconic global landmarks to display creatures from the upside down. This campaign united fans from across the world, who had come to get a sneak peek at the season’s new monsters.

• #TattooDuoOver | Duolingo

Tattoos are a great form of expression. But tattoos in foreign languages sometimes don’t do the needful. There’s always a question nagging the wearer. The question of ‘Do these symbols imply what I think they do?’. Duolingo, a language learning app, leveraged this dilemma to create a fun campaign. They invited people to share their tattoos using the campaign hashtag to confirm the true meaning of their tattoos. They further gave a few lucky participants a chance to get the mistakes fixed at a tattoo parlor in Paris.

• The Triangle Tracker Scavenger Hunt | Dorito 

In an attempt to engage younger audiences, Dorito came up with a campaign full of challenges, filters, and gaming elements. The brand rolled out the Triangle Tracker Challenge, where they encouraged people to seek out triangle-shaped things that resembled a Dorito. The participants had access to a Snapchat filter and stood a chance to win prizes. On Tik Tok, the brand asked people to film iconic triangle-shaped structures. They even created a Triangle Shaped Island on Fortnite.

These were some of the best ad campaigns that pushed the horizons of creativity further. To develop great campaigns like these for your products, all you’ve got to do is reach out to an agency that crafts 360-degree marketing campaigns. An agency like this will offer SEO services and integrated digital marketing solutions. They’ll ensure that your marketing messages reach your audience through multiple platforms and channels uniquely and creatively.