Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Insurance Companies

Once upon a time, selling insurance was a tedious face-to-face activity that required tremendous talent. But it has evolved with time and moved online.

Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to. In fact, they do their own research, review products with skepticism, and then decide. And when they are researching, they want instant, sophisticated, seamless results. The process of purchasing insurance is no different in the current age!

Let’s put down top strategies that will help insurance companies win their potential customers and hold onto the existing ones. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Design a comprehensive website
First things first, have a top-notch website up and running. The three rules of thumb are that your company’s website needs to be fast, secure, and MOBILE-FRIENDLY.

Source: Screenshot of Religare Website

Your site must cater to all your customers’ journeys, from the well-researched policy seekers to the beginner-level prospective policyholders with little-to-no understanding of what their end-goal looks like. Keep it uncluttered so that navigation becomes easier.

Here’s a list of things you need to consider for the website:

  • Place the contact information front and center
  • Have ‘Call-To-Action’ buttons placed in multiple locations
  • Activate a chat/chatbot feature
  • Use color indicators that influence emotions

2. Chalk out a social media plan
When going digital, a brand needs to hold on to its offline brand image and portray it uniformly across all platforms. This helps to improve the brand’s recall value among customers. This is a crucial factor when it comes to insurance companies.

Content marketing facilitates the marketing needs of insurance brands quite profusely. Choosing insurance is often a tedious task that needs to be repeated periodically. Effective digital marketing techniques can aid in gaining the trust of your customers and stop them from switching brands.

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Here’s what we recommend:

  • Don’t cross the line when it comes to brand/industry guidelines
  • Make use of an all-inclusive, nurturing language

Create unique content pegs and own them!

  • Experiment with different formats -Videos, GIFs, Vector images, and layouts!
  • Stay up-to-date with the world outside. Sometimes, get on the bandwagon of trending post ideas.
  • Topical days are the best time to go all out

  • Use eye-catching images and incorporate your brand colors to make it yours

  • Be direct, but don’t try too hard to sell your product. Have a conversation instead!
  • Engage with your audience and create conversations through stories/comments/UGC campaigns
  • Build trust by sharing customer feedback once in a while

3. Execute a thoughtful emailer campaign
This may sound old-school but it is the perfect strategy when it comes to insurance brands. Leverage your database and send out customized emails to potential and existing customers.
It increases the chances that your audience is going to engage.

Here are the three umbrella types of emailers:
1. Welcome emails: An automated email sent out when a consumer expresses interest in your brand/product by signing up on your website or filling some form. Incorporate all the selling points of your products but in an interesting way.
2. Activation emails: Activation emails should include a link to sign up for an insurance plan or to get in touch with a representative from your company.
3. Retargeting emails: Keep bringing them back to the point where they stopped last. Give them spot-on reasons to move forward. This also includes renewal reminder emails.

4. Invest in SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising
The majority of insurance consumers start with searching keywords based on their requirements on a search engine. This means you have to be seen in the top search results to be a potential contender on their list.
So optimizing your site to attract more prospective customers is well worth every penny. Sticking to the basic practices of search engine optimization can have a big-time effect. Build on the recent trends, keywords, and industry jargons to reach a larger audience.
Another effective measure will be investing in a pay-per-click advertisement that takes precedence on the search result page. This will bring you directly to the top of the page.

5. Create a Blog
Create a blog that helps your consumers understand insurance, the plans you offer, and how it is all benefiting them. It also helps you garner traffic to your website while proving your command on topics and building trust.

Your blog will eventually become the universal source of information on insurance for the consumers who are researching. Get a content writer on board to churn out crisp and interesting content pieces.

So, here’s a starter pack for you to set up a digital marketing strategy for an insurance brand! Opt for the services of digital agencies in India for the quality outcome!