Bhai Behen Tales: Embrace The Most Cherished Bond This Rakhi

From being the first friend, to the first enemy. From fighting for the remote, to coining the worst nick names. This Rakshabandhan, let’s cherish the #BhaiBehenTales.

1.  “Because he always wanted a tom boy of a sister. That and he needed an extra player in his team. #BhaiBehenTales


2. We’As much as he fought with you, he always knew that he was your protector. #BhaiBehenTales

3. Returning home from a party was always a challenge, thank god you had your sister covering up your act. #BhaiBehenTales

4. He?? the only one who tolerated your constant usage of the car breaks till you learnt how to move out of the 2nd gear. #BhaiBehenTales


5. He will always look after you, no matter how old you grow. #HappyRakshabandhan Share this with brother or sister, to let them know how much you love them.