Brands Show Their Support For Earth Day 2020

When the world is isolated but together in action to save our mother earth, our brands take charge to demonstrate support for environmental protection, this Earth Day.

Taking care of our mother is not a one day task, but reminding ourselves consistently is a must. Our brands made sure to remind all of us how important it is to save our earth at all times.

The posts bring to people’s notice the effect the lockdown has had. Changes the planet has been trying to achieve for so long, yet a few days indoors have brought about a change that could’ve taken years.

The brand wants to encourage people to keep doing what they’re doing to help the environment. Reduce car pollution, reduce plastic pollution, light, and sound pollution, littering and so much more.

#HeroesFromHome is a campaign by Discovery Communications that thanks people for staying at home, not doing anything and actually helping the environment. The pandemic has been having an extremely positive effect on the environment and the climate. All because we’re all at home. It makes us think, we really are the biggest reason behind the mess our world has become.

On this Earth Day, LF Originals showed their gratitude to all the frontline warriors who are working day and night to protect us from the COVID-19 crisis. PVR pictures showcases how important it is for everyone to make their contribution to combat the pandemic. Because it is we together who can make this change.

Adopting a greener lifestyle, conserving the resources and not polluting our surroundings is the need of the hour and the brand Religare Health Insurance promotes #GoGreen and Stay Clean for a healthier future.

Small contributions of every individual can make a huge difference, Nova Eyewear pledges for a better climate change.

Tata Sky promotes, altering lifestyles by using low carbon products, optimally utilising resources and adopting these sustainable measures for a better place to live in.

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