Bringing The Heat With The Hottest Social Media Trends

What’s New In Content Marketing In 2022?

We’ve got some news that is going to add some thrill to April. Let’s surf through this heat wave with some cool news.

Here is some saucy news and tangy tips to follow on social media platforms, whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, or Snapchat !

What’s Hot?

Our crystal ball predicts that the creator economy will boom!

Creativity is seeing new realms on social media. There are many blooming businesses and content niches that creators have taken up. Now, with the advent of instagram as a primary source of content creation, it is seen that most people are supporting small businesses. Social media platforms are moving increasingly into an e-commerce space. They allow creators to produce content, market products, services and reach out to their target audience. So if you have a small business idea in mind, get on it!

Oh Snap! Did your streaks break?

Remember the days Snap scores used to excite you, well they are still relevant to a potential Gen Z audience. Snapchat is drawing the attention of social media users with its fresh approach to AR and VR filters. We’ve got some statistics to back this up. Studies suggest that Snapchat has 293 million daily active users (Jason Wise, 2022). In a similar report by Snap Inc, it was revealed that more than 90% of the users are Gen Z. It’s seen that snapchat is essential for dissemination of short form video content like recipes or make up tutorials.

You can be the next “LinkedInfluencer”! 

LinkedIn marketing is on the rise. If you can write compelling content and provide genuine utility, you can upscale your business and get connected with the best industry experts. Marketing strategist, Sara Lattanzio suggests that people have started to invest more in creators. From the Creator Mode rollout to global creator programs, they’re making it easier to share content and grow an audience. It’s just the beginning.” Get tapping into the right words, win hearts with content and get going.

Use Pinterest? Now’s not the time to rest! 

Every year, Pinterest predicts the most popular trends of the months ahead. The visual search engine just released its 2022 annual report, which includes everything in fashion, home, wellness, pets and more that Pinterest expects to skyrocket in popularity this year based on search volume. We all have a pinterest wishlist and aim to achieve that aesthetic. It seems like now would be a great time to create a pin board and shop till you drop!

Imagine using Insta to buy NFTs! 

This hypothetical scenario is predicted to be imminent! NFTs are currently not created, bought or sold on social media. However, research suggests that there’s a high likelihood for social media to adapt to the ever-increasing popularity of NFTs. The versatile nature of social media is the perfect foil for this! 

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