Chimp&z Inc Joins Hands with Locobuzz

Chimp&z Inc has been offering efficient, integrated solutions that allow data, media and creativity to coordinate for optimum campaign success throughout the entire consumer journey. In a short period, Chimp&z Inc has expanded into new business areas with a sharper focus on content marketing strategies to entice, engage, and enchant its clients’ consumers. 

The global digital marketing agency has now partnered with a new-generation digital customer experience management platform named LOCOBUZZ to ease out the work within the company and potential opportunities with all its clients.  

Locobuzz is a single customer service network that combines technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Analytics to assist marketers in building closer partnerships with their customers and increasing life satisfaction. This collaboration will be beneficial, primarily for successful campaign management, improved influencer participation, easy access to automated reports and warnings, and several other benefits. 

Wipro Vitress, an established partner of Chimp&z Inc, is already on board and making the most of this new partnership. Both these firms put their clients first, and they strive to fulfil all of their needs as efficiently as possible. This partnership would assist them in broadening their horizons and best serving the customers.