Corporate Communications And Public Relations: A Match Made In Heaven

Communication is essential for an organization’s effective operation in today’s information-driven culture. On that front, Corporate Communication and Public Relations are what keep a corporation afloat. Corp Comms and PR fit together like a puzzle and have so many similarities that often create an illusion of overlapping.

What makes them sound synonymous?
Corp Comms & PR are the two crucial verticals of every organization that deal with the communication aspect of management and corporate activities. Between the two, there is a fine line that separates them. While Corporate Communication encompasses all internal and external communications with employees, employers, investors, promoters, and the management team, Public Relations is all about engaging with the general public using the extensive tool called media.

Why are they different?
The distinction between Corporate Communication and Public Relations focuses on who the company is communicating with. PR specialists work with the general public and the media. They issue public releases, cater to questions from reporters & journalists, and handle firm image crises or fiascos. On the other side, the corporate communications team concentrates also on internal communications. Their messages are directed towards employees, investors, stakeholders, or the executive team.

So what makes them ‘A Match Made in Heaven’?
The public’s impression of any organization is a crucial factor in its success. This perception in front of the world is created via Public Relations. It can be defined as a deliberate, planned, and continuous attempt to build and maintain mutual understanding between a company and the general public. 


Here is the KRA (Key Result Area) of every PR professional:

  • Create and recommend a public relations policy for the company.
  • Prepare corporate statements and, on occasion, CEO addresses, as well as write press releases. They can shape and present a positive image of the firm, its products, and its policies.
  • Publicize corporate operations and products through media and community announcements.
  • Maintain relationships with local media professionals, corporate neighbors, and government agencies.
  • Prepare & publish in-house magazines & other publications.

Coming to Corporate Communications! Increasing competitiveness, information accessibility, and the media boom have made reputation management a top concern for most businesses. This aspect is handled professionally by the Corp Comms team. It establishes, maintains, and protects the brand’s reputation. Internal and external communications are the two forms of communications that they manage.

Internal communication occurs between an organization’s employer and employees. It is seen as a critical tool for tying a company together, boosting staff morale, encouraging transparency, and slowing down the decay.  External communication occurs between the organization and external entities to maintain a positive image, preserve a brand, and maintain public relations.

Here is what the Corp Comms team looks into:

  • Building a positive working environment
  • Creating a favorable image for the company
  • Establishing a positive relationship with stockholders
  • Keeping the public informed about new products and company achievements

Public relations and corporate communication must work together to produce a coherent message about the company. And to do so, they must collaborate at all times. They must be alert before negative comments start trending on Facebook or Twitter to taint the company’s reputation in the event of a mishap. Only a match made in heaven can accomplish such a challenge!

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Author: Rhea Mary Nair is a Copywriter at Chimp&z Inc with 2+ years of experience in Copywriting, Content Writing, PR Writing & Journalistic Writing. She has worked with brands like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Care Health Insurance, SÉRY Cosmetics, Portronics, Neha Herbals, BeBoy, Tata Sky, Tata Sky Binge & many more. Her interest lies in Sports, Cinema & Books!