Creating Strong Social Media Plans: Importance & Tips

Creating a success story on social media usually requires a lot of intense planning and a fool proof strategy. It’s essential to set up a strong foundation for each social platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The average digital planner knows the potential and vast differences of each social platform.

The toughest bit stems from the thought every planner worries about, ‘Where do we begin?’ If you are making a social media plan straight from scratch, don’t fret. It’s not quite a monstrous task and you are bound to get a good number of insights during the planning phase itself. All brands today are in a constant battle of refining their social media marketing it’s time you do too!

Social Media today is one of the most powerful tools available. Only with the right use you can make it a prevailing tool for communication. To make the best use of social media, you need to create a powerful strategy which will provide optimal results.

Still apprehensive? Don’t worry, we have a plan!

To make the perfect plan, it is essential to answer the three questions – Why? What? How?


Every marketer today knows of the endless potential of social media. And here is why you absolutely need it for your brand.
1. The art of curating content for the sake of your brand is a sure shot way to success. It provides your plan with success and takes you a step towards your desired goals.
2.  A social medium is a direct way to communicating with your TG and understanding their needs.
3. It also helps you understand your audience’s needs better.
4. It helps you achieve more traffic on your page and thus more interactions on your brand.
These are just the highlights of having a social media plan, there are several more reasons that only benefits your brand. With thorough research and intensive planning you can create a plan that will work for your brands and help it attain a sustainable ROI.


A social media plan summarizes the activities you plan to execute and the targets that you plan to achieve for the brand. This plan will also involve the mediums you plan to use to achieve maximum output.

Tips to create a more effective content plan:

1. Keep it Crisp

The more concise you make your plan, the easier it is to understand and execute.

2. Brand Centric

When creating a plan, ensure that the activities suggested are relevant to the brand at hand. If there is no connect between the two, the plan might not produce optimal results.

3. Engage with audience

The main idea behind a plan is to create a strong relationship with your primary consumers. The measure of your plan’s success will only be determined by its performance on social media.


Setting achievable goals is the prime factor in any successful strategy.
As a planner, it’s your duty to set the objectives you plan to achieve and see how to plan to use each social medium to make it happen. Your goals have to be decided based on what the brand aims to achieve, from business objectives to sales objectives. The main purpose of your strategy will be to drive your business forward.
Ensure that you monitor your social media channels on a daily basis. A regular check on your analytics will help you understand your consumer behavior and the audience’s reception to the content created by you. Hence, it is essential to create a plan whilst keeping your social media goals in mind so that all ideas shared will keep the brand on track and one step closer to the goal.
If you think you have more ideas in mind to create the perfect plan, don’t shy away from commenting below.