December Sparkled With Updates For The Social World!

In the fast-paced world of social media, the necessity to adapt is more than ever. The month of December was no exception. Several brands rolled out features that could shortly prove to be very impactful in our lives.

Don’t worry if you haven’t figured them out yet. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the latest updates that made their way to the top of the social world in the month of December.

What’s new?

It’s rewind time!

Instagram is all set to make your new year lit! The photo and video-sharing platform has rolled out a new feature that will enable users to create their own 2022 recap reel. After choosing the desired template and narration, one can manually select pictures and videos to feature in the recap reel and share it with their followers.

Wait! You haven’t even heard the best of it yet. For the narration part, you can choose from popular celebrities like Badshah, DJ Khaled, Bad Bunny and many more to narrate your recap reel. Awesome, isn’t it?

Let the avatar fever win you over!

Whats-app finally joined the Avatars club. The widely-popular messaging app has now rolled out an Avatar feature too. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, the feature allows users to select from a bunch of skin colors, hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors and much more to help them create the perfect digital representation of themselves.

A set of 36 pre-existing avatars will also be made available for the users to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Create the best avatar of yourself and overcome those dry text conversations with a fun twist.

Stocks on Twitter!

Yes, you heard us right! Among the various updates Twitter has been promoting in the last few months, the latest stock update is the most interesting one of them all. With the latest update, when you see a cashtag in the app (like $META), you will be able to find the stock pricing graph. One can simply access the graph by tapping through the tag link displayed above the tweet. The pricing update will be sourced via TradingView, giving the users minute by minute updates of the current stock prices.

No more shadowbans!

Instagram’s latest update is aimed at creating more transparency for creators. Under the account status dashboard, users will be able to find out if their content is eligible to be recommended or not. The feature will also provide them with pointers on how to rectify the content.

Users will be noticing a yellow alert in their Account Status display if their content violates Instagram’s rules. The feature could be of huge benefit to users trying to maximize their opportunities on the app as it puts an end to shadowbans. One will be actually able to find out why their content is not getting recommended and can even follow steps to rectify their mistakes.

That’s a wrap! 2022 was a crucial year for the digital world. Several well known platforms decided to opt for major changes and updates. Not all of them were successful in their attempts, but that’s the way to learn. Hoping to see them keep the wheels of innovation spinning in 2023 as well!