Definitive guide into surviving in Chimp&z Inc.

Tip 1: Figure out how to get there

India is a complex nation, but more complex than this country are our roads. Luckily for you there are many roads that lead to our office and many rickshaw drivers will be glad to take you there. But try not to get lost; the roads can be like a maze sometimes and we have lost many interns & employees that way.

Tip 2: Bring a tasty lunch!

This is one of the golden rules of working here. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian doesn’t matter, as long as the food is good. In-fact we are planning to conduct a lunch based interview where the applicant gets his/her food and based on the taste and his/her willingness to share; we determine how suitable you are for this company full of gluttons.

Tip 3: Always carry a jacket!

As a traveler of public transport my skin is permanently tanned. But one thing you need to know about Chimp&z Inc is that deep down in the basement of The Summit Business Bay there lies an advertising agency, in which no matter what time of the year, the temperature is always freezing. Sometimes you will even see the employees having snow fights while the others battle the summer heat.

Tip 4: A cup of tea

No we are not British. Although we happen to really love our chai. Sometimes the best inspiration lies at the bottom of a cup of tea. Whether it be cutting, masala, elaichi or just the plain milk one. The chai breaks are a staple of our daily routine here. So if you don’t like tea, you better build up a tolerance towards it.

Tip 5: Practice all your insults

English, Hindi or Marathi. When it comes to the joy of baajaoing the other person, language is no barrier.  Everyone here is a firm believer of ‘pulling your leg’. Because there will always be that special someone who will ignite this feeling in the deepest corner of your soul, and when you look at him you’ll go ‘abbey bhen****’!

Tip 6: Don’t forget to fill the register

Yes you read that right. Like every other generic ad agency, we tend to have rules that piss our employees off. But hey, what can we do? Rules are rules. Just be lucky the owner of the company doesn’t sit to take your attendance like how your teacher did at school.  We aren’t that lame. 😛

Tip 7: Get your thinking caps on

Working in advertising isn’t all fun & games…… well most of the time it is. True inspiration can strike you anytime, in the middle of a Foosball game, while listening to your favourite soundtrack or when you’re in the can but never when you actually need it. So always carry a pen and paper because an advertising mind is always at work!

So if the tips above won’t help you, nothing will. By following this one-stop guide for everything related to Chimp&z Inc. your time here will be the best time of your life. I guarantee it!