Different Types Of Digital PR

The professional maintenance of an online image of a brand or individual is called Digital PR. This can be done through a Branding Agency, a Creative Advertising Agency, or a Specialist PR Agency.

A Digital PR agency promotes its clients via multiple sources in the form of online blogs, websites, and social media. The end goal of a Digital PR campaign is to increase or scale up the number of backlinks, online mentions, and the overall brand identity of their clients.

Why is Digital PR Important?

Digital PR is important because it introduces the brand or individual to new audiences. These introductions can take place across the internet over editorial articles, social media platforms, forums, and search engine results pages. ORM or the way a brand reacts to its audiences online is also considered to be an important aspect of its identity. Timely engagement with the audience in response to their queries with proper tonality helps build credibility and a positive reputation.

Types of Digital PR:

1. Editorial Placements-

Editorial Placements are the most credible form of Digital PR as they highlight the newsworthiness of the brand organically. This can be done in the form of interviews, feature stories, and video bytes.

2. Guest Posts.-

Writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website in the form of full-fledged posts, blogs, comments, etc.

3. Unlinked Mentions-

Name Dropping the brand or individual without linking them directly.

4. Influencer Marketing.

Getting mentioned on influential social media user accounts by the influencers themselves through sponsored or organic content. This type of PR has been growing in popularity over the last decade due to the surge in social media usage.

5. Directory Inclusions.

Adding the brand website to a directory of similar brand websites. A ‘Directory Inclusion’ is one of the old-school ways of executing digital PR.

6. Press Releases

Releasing formal/ informal newsworthy announcements to secure press features on leading media and news websites. Press Releases when done in collaboration with well-known media outlets can give a huge boost to a PR Campaign

The way a brand reacts to its audiences online is also considered to be an important aspect of its identity. Timely engagement with the audience in response to their queries with proper tonality helps build credibility.

Now That We Have Explored The Various Types Of Digital PR Let’s Take A Look At How Digital PR Could Benefit Your Brand Irrespective Of Its Size And Nature:

  • Builds Brand Image. 

A reputable and trustworthy external source can help introduce your brand to new audiences. Digital PR builds a brand by increasing the online mentions of an organization.

  • Adds Brand Credibility and Generates Brand Awareness

A Digital PR Campaign can increase the credibility of your brand by using high-profile placements that reach new audiences.

  • Boosts Sales. 

Digital PR first and foremost helps build the trustworthiness of a brand. Therefore when a consumer trusts a brand, they are obviously more likely to buy products associated with or sold directly by the brand.

  • Grows Website Traffic. 

Public relations helps secure editorial coverage of the brand. This editorial coverage sees a drastic increase in the number of referrals thus helping the growth of website traffic.

  • Improves Seo Rankings Through Backlinks. 

Backlinks are an essential part of how websites show up on search engine results pages. The more relevant the links are the better the potential rank of the website. Digital PR helps secure backlinks and helps utilize them optimally.

These are the various types of Digital PR present today. A combination of one or more of these can be used to ensure optimal publicity of any given brand. To ensure that your brand stays on top of the PR game you could partner up with one of the best branding and creative advertising agencies in MumbaiChimp&z Inc



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