Digital Emotions

Have you ever pondered upon or thought about the simple things that we keep on repeating? The mistakes people have been making since generations?

We need to burn our grey cells on the basics of life. Let’s think about how we call a Mango-licious Candy a Chocolate, an opaque steel molded drinking container a glass, the numerous times we keep on forgetting that “Hello” is just a greeting not a synonym for confirmation during a network issue.

These talks are useless, pointless, debatable, and they can’t be changed. They can’t be changed like our expectation for a status, a tag, a like, a share. We feel it each day: our expectations have turned Digital, haven’t they? We need others to express themselves emotionally on Social sites. What we are facing in these times are DIGITAL EMOTIONS.

Whether we know it or not, these are all habits which have taken over our minds. Let these habits not break our moments of happiness if it’s undone. Lets realize and understand its just a minor thing, what matters are the REAL EMOTIONS.


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