Does Social Media Help Boost SEO?

Social media has conquered the world as we know it. Every person now has a social media presence and identity.

To keep up with their consumers, brands too are flocking the social network with the aim to reach a wider and more direct audience. But the one question that arises in all marketers minds and probably even yours is- how does one use social media to boost their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their business?

Traditionally SEO and Social Media are seen as two widely different fronts in the era of digital marketing. Although when used harmoniously, they prove to be a boon to any business. Social media complements Search Engine Optimization in a much deeper and stronger way than we realise.

Ranking high in search engines can be indirectly impacted by your social media activities. These platforms allow you to boost your rankings by creating direct and indirect links which authorise bots to index your brand faster and higher in search results. As a study from 2018 states, social media helps boost SEO by 22%.

Having a great SEO team is something every social media agency should invest in! Our in-house SEO company in Delhi does this job brilliantly well for all our in-house brands, namely AceTute Learning, Tata Sky, Discovery, and many more. 

But if you’re just starting out, here are few ways that you can use your social media to boost your SEO.

1. Using the right keywords for searchability

Establishing a strong social media presence can strengthen your SEO rankings. Try using a mutual combination of keywords that uniquely pertain to your brand, in your posts along with suitable hashtags. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow your content to be more discoverable online. Social media agencies use high performing keywords in captions and page descriptions for more visibility.

2. Increase your backlinks 

Search engines like Google have put a premium on high quality link building. Links on your social media platforms are considered high quality links as they have high web rankings. You can maximize your brand and business ranking by sharing content directly from your website to your social media platforms. Use these links not only for content creation but also in your profile descriptions.

3. Build Partnerships 

More followers leads to more engagement, leading to more visibility and clicks to your website. Reaching out to followers organically can be a bit of a task. Creating a rapport with your fans, and building a relationship with organic influencers can help widen your brand spectrum on social media while potentially increasing your search engine rankings.

4. Improve Your Content Reach

Search engines allow people to only discover your content when they’re searching for a relevant keyword. Social media is an excellent channel to push your content to people without them even realising how much they need it. Better and more relatable content can garner you high traffic to your website which in turn results in a higher SEO ranking. 

5. Create, Engage and Amplify

Always remember your SEO and Social Media strategies have to keep up with the constantly changing trends. The best way to maximise your SEO benefits from your social media is to be able to engage with the content and amplify its success. 

You can do this by paying attention to local businesses, being responsive to reviews and comments and by engaging in conversations on your social platforms. 

That’s all you need to know about how Social Media plays a vital role in building and boosting any business’s SEO Ranking! So next time you want to grow your business, pay attention to your content and you’re good to go!