Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Business In 2020

Online Marketing Strategies 2020

Having an online presence for your business is an absolute must in this digital age. However, when almost each and every business is striving for web presence, only being online is not enough. You also need to have a solid digital marketing strategy to be able to reach new customers and retain old ones. But with so many different tools and online channels that facilitate online marketing, you may be wondering which the best ones are. Different types of businesses require online channels that can cater to their specific requirements. But some strategies are effective in generating leads and revenue for almost all types of businesses.

Here are some of the most effective online marketing strategies used for business in 2020;

1. Content Marketing:
Creating content for your site is one of the best and most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Content creation has double benefits – it gives users a reason to visit your website, it gives search engines content to crawl & index. And Boy, do search engines (especially Google!) love new information! Do make sure your content is meaningful and helpful. This will generate additional traffic, if and when your readers share your blogs.

2. Email Marketing:
This is the best way to connect with users that have already shown interest in your business. You can send users email informing them about special offers that you’re running, coupons, updates about your company and its policies, or just helpful tips related to the field of your business. You can also send monthly newsletters to people who have subscribed to your mailing list to update them about any new products you’re featuring or any news services that you’re launching. As lucrative as it might be, don’t send emails to the addresses that you have not received via direct form submission on your website as your emails can be otherwise considered spam

3. Social Media Marketing:
There are billions of users on social media who, with an effective marketing campaign, can be converted into your next potential visitor and eventually, the customer. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter should be used to their fullest potential to reach your target audience. All of these sites offer paid promotions, which if required, you can take advantage of. Although organic leads are the best way to gain new customers. If your business requires B2B connections then you should use LinkedIn as it’s a site that only serves professionals. YouTube is also a great way to promote your business as videos can be much more effective and engaging at marketing, than only text or images.

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4. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing:
Search Engine Optimization and Search engine marketing help your website rank higher in the list of search results. If you have a decent website, it is a no brainer to get your SEO strategy into place as it will make your website associated with the keywords that people use to find your services online. This simply increases the likeliness of being found online.

5. Affiliate programs:
Affiliate programs only make sense if your business deals in selling products or services. With an affiliate program, you can let the individuals who have previously used your products/services spread the word for you and get rewarded on a commission basis while doing it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to do much.

6. Giveaways or Contests:
People go gaga for free stuff. Whenever you hold a contest or giveaway that requires people to refer others to your website, you will see a spike in traffic and/or purchase. This is a simple way to build a new customer base and work towards earning their loyalty. People would do almost anything for freebies, so get creative and get them doing what you want. For example, click a selfie, write a caption, refer a friend or simply get them to sign up on your website.

These are some of the most effective online strategies to build brands & sell your products.