Establish A Strong Brand Image With Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing For Brand

Anybody can create a brand page on Instagram these days, but building a brand that is worth following? Now that is an art form in itself! And if you’re in the initial stage of building a brand, you need to do it right! To know more, let’s get started!

In today’s time, the social media platform Instagram has approximately 2 million active advertisers and 25 million business profiles! It’s clear that Instagram isn’t just for personal use anymore — whether for you or your next dream project. It’s now a global platform that allows brands to personalize their content, take on new talent, promote unique products and inspire their audience. Even with this mere knowledge, one may still be unsure of how to get started. The platform can be a little intimidating at first, and that’s why we bring to you a guide to figure out how to establish a strong brand image and acquire an audience using Instagram marketing.

It’s not important to start fast but it’s important to stay strong consistently!

Build a Strong Brand Image on Instagram:

1. Start with a compelling Instagram profile
2. Craft an attractive Bio
3. Add a link to your Site
4. Tag location & people
5. Be creative with your communication & execution
6. Create awesome Instagram Stories, go live, use polls and other features
7. Use real-life humor to connect with the audience (Memes, Vines, Realistic posts)


Instagram is not all about becoming a big brand, it’s also about acting like one too!

Just like with great power comes great responsibility, similar to that, with great content comes great expectations.

Big business starts small and to extend its reach, it’s important for the brand to gain a loyal audience especially for advocacy in the initial stages, for that always keep the followers & potential followers up-to-date, and curious. Whatever stage your business is at if you want to boost your company’s reach in 2020, make sure your strategy to get more Instagram followers is up to date!

Be it countless posts with new formats, captivating campaigns or generating topical content, it’s important to hit the right notes and make the audience feel connected, because in the end whatever you do or you create represents your brand.

Devise an effective Instagram strategy:

1. Create related content for your followers while staying relevant to your brand
2. Build a community around an eminent Instagram hashtag
3. Take a good cause that supports your brand’s values
4. Figure out the best time to post
5. PLEASE don’t over-post (Spare them from spam)
6. Never forget, creativity is the key to success
7. Research your competitors’ strategies
8. Use strategic hashtags
9. Add coupons/discount on Story
10. Use new Instagram features to highlight your product or services
11. Be aware of your most engaging Instagram posts
12. Work with micro-influencers that connect to your brand

The visual marketing platform is a key element of your brand’s strategy, GoPro is one of the inspirational brands that is killing it on Instagram, reason?

The oh-so-scenic GoPro Instagram account tells stories from the product’s and users’ unique point of view.

GoPro’s Instagram feed is a source of motivation and aspirational content, fully power-packed with adventure pictures and videos that were taken using GoPro’s cameras by the consumers. The main goal of the brand with its Instagram account is to use the same content to drive consideration and knowledge for potential customers on how to use their versatile camera uniquely in their life which will ultimately lead to purchase.

With the expanded amount of content, they opened regional handles featuring localized content and consumers in over ten markets. This featurization decision resulted in the growth of GoPro’s total follower base.

So the main message over here is that if your execution depends on your brand image, your brand will need to continually analyze and adjust their Instagram strategies to stand out. This means sharing better content, engaging more with audiences and staying up to date on all of the latest platform changes.

Cheers to Good Times:

Kingfisher’s Instagram account is telling ‘Good Times’ stories of real-world events & experiences. For the famous beer brand, the best platform to showcase their premium products through visual content is on Instagram. The king of good times’ bottle has a personality of its own on Instagram, which helps the brand to connect with its followers.

The Instagram account for Kingfisher is doing a lot of things right. Glance through their feed and you will see they don’t have just one format of posts; there’s a variety, a combination of many things. Apart from that, a majority of their updates are either user-generated (reposts where users have tagged them), or from sponsored events or festivals. These two major categories show real users enjoying their beer, and that’s definitely a positive for the brand; especially given that UGC on Instagram is known to improve conversion rates up to 2.4 times.

Kingfisher Instagram

Such amusing activities have enabled consumers to romance with the beer bottle and show their love for Kingfisher.

Kingfisher as a brand is among the few who are creating impressive use of Instagram’s grid layout. Users trust the reviews of their peers and the brand understands this. To celebrate special days like Octo-beer fest and Beer Appreciation Day, the brand makes sure to share unique and memorable grid visuals/content like these.










Given that beer is the most important segment in the global market for Alcoholic Drinks both by volume and value, the success rate plus the communication rate is higher.
Nearly 100k fans from India have engaged with the brand through their campaigns.
They get more than 100+ entries in the contests and create around 100+ stickers/gifs, which are viewed umpteen times on the platform.

This shows that Kingfisher, the king of good times, has taken Instagram by storm with their newly conceptualized and personalized strategy

Successful Brand Development:

Now that we know what Instagram marketing is, we have to ask why we should use it to effectively bring business? There are dozens of social media platforms for marketers to choose from, with each and everyone offering different features, opportunities, and nuances.

For marketers, it’s all about understanding where the audience lives and what platform will enable the best reach. It’s also important for them to slay their Instagram campaigns to win hearts on social media (pun intended).

Everything you need is just one click away. So, are you a click away from people finding you or your brand?

Well, it all depends on how good your brand’s online presence is and how it connects.
Hiring a social media marketing agency can improve your brand’s marketing strategy, the marketing agency is one that manages all aspects of a company’s online presence. This kind of agency focuses on design, marketing strategy, website development, content writing, social media management, SEO, SEM and not to forget CAMPAIGNS.

Because of the flexibility and affordability it presents, outsourcing digital marketing makes sense on multiple levels for today’s businesses. For digital campaigns to work best, it is important for all parties to be on the same page, plus it is a bonus if the agency is given the freedom to make decisions that best suit your interests and budget plan.

Wrapping It Up!
The news feed algorithms of all social media platforms keep changing, you never know which new feature is in store for you, so always think outside the box! Don’t hesitate to try out new things, but be mindful and aware of your audience’s preferences.

Go build an effective brand, and tell your story to the world!