Everything You Need to Know About Basic Youtube SEO

Youtube is the most dominant social cum search engine platform, which becomes extremely popular among all age groups by providing engaging content. Youtube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim who were employees of Paypal. In 2006, Youtube was acquired by Google. Research says that there are more than 2.6 billion monthly active users on Youtube.

When we talk about SEO, our mind quickly strikes Google, which is the most dominant search engine platform where everyone wants to rank. On the other hand, Youtube is also a key market player which has its own SEO metrics. Therefore if you want to rank your video content in Youtube SERP then you need to focus on a bit of different SEO techniques as compared to Google and other search engines. You can also take help of Seo Service Company to perform advance Youtube SEO

If you use the right Youtube SEO techniques, then that will be beneficial to your video content in terms of getting more popularity and will help in improving your engagement rate. This will also simultaneously help to increase your brand value. Another important benefit of SEO-optimized Youtube content is that it will rank higher in Youtube SERP and help to reach a maximum audience.

To make your life easy, here are some useful Youtube SEO tips & techniques:

Select Relevant Keywords: Selecting the best suitable keywords is essential for Youtube SEO, keywords help the platform to understand the context of video content. To identify seed keywords, you can use the Youtube search bar autocomplete, also you can use keyword planner tools that will help you to get more keyword ideas. While selecting keywords, always look for long tail keywords.

Add Optimized Titles and Descriptions: When we say optimized titles & descriptions that mean we need to add primary and secondary keywords into it. It is recommended to keep the title and description count as per the SEO standard. Youtube allows 100 characters in the title but truncates at 70 characters, therefore it is recommended to add only 70 characters in the title. While writing the description, I recommend keeping your video description around 120 characters.

Edit File Name:
It is always recommended to add a proper name to the file which includes your main keyword that has relevance to your content. For example: If your video is about SEO tips then the file name should be SEO-tips-for-beginners

Use Relevant Tags: While adding tags It is advisable to use double quotes (“) to the tags so the video is the exact match for a long tail keyword phrase. For example “SEO-Tips-For-Beginners” “SEO-Tips”

Use Captivating Thumbnail: The thumbnail on the Youtube video is the thing that your viewers are interacting with first. Therefore your thumbnail should be more curious and engaging, also while creating a thumbnail use a 16:9 aspect ratio along with high-quality images. 

Create Captions and Transcriptions for Videos: The Youtube algorithm can not read the images and videos. Therefore by creating transcriptions for a video you can transform the video into text. To create transcription you can use the Youtube inbuilt tool or you can create it manually.

Captions are also playing a vital role in ranking your video content. It is always recommended to use keyword-rich captions. Don’t rely on automated captions, because Youtube bots recognize them and mark them as spam so it is recommended to add captions manually which are relevant to your video content.

Offer Subtitles in Multiple Languages: As we know Youtube has a massive reach globally. Therefore to target international audience and non-native English-speaking viewers you can use translated caption files.

Include Cards & End Screens : Youtube cards are interactive cards that you can see usually at the end of the video content. By adding these cards you can engage your audience with other relevant content. You can add a maximum of 5 cards in one video and add various call to action as per your need.

Keep the Track of Analytics: Analytics will help you to understand whether your SEO strategy is working properly or not. Youtube has its own analytics dashboard which helps you to track your performance. By keeping track of your analytical data you can improve your existing strategy to reach your desired goal.