Gender Pronouns And Workplace Inclusivity

Before we start digging deeper into this topic, let’s first understand the meaning of gender pronouns and why they matter to each individual.

A gender pronoun is a pronoun that we use to address an individual. A person can choose any of the pronouns they are comfortable with. Using someone’s appropriate pronoun can be the best way to show your respect for that person and his identity.

Irrespective of the body people are born in, they are free to be recognized as they want and feel. Every individual has the right to be identified with correct pronouns that match their personal identity.

The spectrum of gender is unimaginably wide. Hence it is always advisable that you don’t assume someone’s pronouns based on an individual’s appearance, and when you’re unsure always ask respectfully about how they would like to be addressed. When you refer to someone with the wrong pronouns, it is disrespectful to that person, and a violation of their identity.

Gone are the days when literature used to address a male as he/him/his and use she/her/hers for a female. Now, all literature shows their respect and acknowledgement towards the community with proper usage of pronouns. English speakers have started using “they” as a gender-neutral way of referring to an individual person. This was not changed over the course of one day, but it was a struggle that many people from the community faced over the decades.

There is an age-old misconception about there being only 2-3 genders, but the reality is something completely different to this notion. The spectrum of gender is broad and colorful, much like the LGBTQIA+ flag!

Vector outlines icons of gender symbols. Male, female and transgender symbols.

How The Workplace Is Moving Towards Inclusion?

In today’s world, it is important to make your workplace an inclusive environment where everyone deserves an equal opportunity to be themselves. Every organization should be sensitive towards the importance of pronouns and encourage their employees, regardless of gender identity, to use their pronouns in their email signatures, name tags, and everywhere possible. Make people comfortable introducing themselves using their pronouns. This will assist you in making your workplace more inclusive of all members of the community. A small gesture on your part will demonstrate the inviting nature of your organization.

Nowadays, even social media encourages its users to add the pronouns which they are comfortable being referred to, in their bio. These are some of the few steps that we can take to make everyone feel safe with their identity, and the world a more inclusive place.

In a world full of hatred and discrimination, the least we can do is perform an act of kindness and thought by properly addressing the person as they wish to be addressed. Thus by accepting individuality in a workplace, every employee feels equally respected. In short, building an inclusive and safe environment at your workplace will not only make it a desirable place to work for potential employees, but also induce a sense of pride among your existing employees.