Grow Your Business With Press Release

A press release is a communication made to journalists or media outlets with the primary purpose of encouraging them to report the news it contains. They may originate from institutions like companies or organizations as well as from individuals like politicians or famous people. Sometimes, most people get confused between a press release and an article but allow us to explain to you the difference between the two. A press release contains newsworthy information about your organization or product, whereas an article is something you produce to provide readers with relevant knowledge in fields you are an expert in.

Out of many promotional and marketing tools, a press release is one of the most effective tools to take your business to the next level in the competitive business world. An engaging press release can significantly boost your sales, bring in new potential clients, and improve the reputation of your brand.

You don’t have to wait until you have mind-blowing information before writing a press release, and not every press release will result in Forbes featuring your company. Even better, you can compose a press release on some noteworthy CSR initiatives your company has undertaken, or any other information that your company wants to announce. The following are some examples of press release topics:

  • Product introduction
  • Collaborating with top celebrities
  • Winning an award
  • Hosting events
  • Partnering with new brands

Gone are the days when companies only made use of traditional media for their press releases. Now brands make use of the emerging digital media to post their press releases online. This press release can be either posted as content on your website or blogs, or it can be distributed to digital news websites as well.

Why Do I Need To Write A Press Release?

Even after so many articles are available online, most people have the same question in their mind, which is, “Do I really need to prepare a press release for my company?” and the answer is “Yes.” The primary reason for writing press release content is simple. People are more likely to trust a press release that is written by your company and for your company. This press release content can help you generate sales and increase your brand visibility.

Pro tip: Timeliness is the key to winning with your press release.

How Can Press Releases Help Your Brand?

Using press releases, you can inform the public about recent developments in your business. They are essential to an effective positioning plan. An integrated marketing trategy should include frequent press releases. This press release can assist you in increasing brand awareness and developing a favorable reputation in the marketplace. Write any of the appropriate press releases from the ones previously listed, and watch as the exposure of your brand rises.


Now that you know how press releases work best for your companies, let’s take a glance at some important tips for writing a press release.

● Start With An Engaging Headline

Keep your headline short but engaging. In a few words, explain to your readers what your press release is all about. Also, try to include keywords in your headline so that your write-up is picked by the search engine’s algorithm.

● Make Your Subheadline Strong & Interesting

Create your subheadline in such a way that your readers get an idea about the rest of the write-up but also stick to the content to get the detailed information.

● Use Keywords

Make maximum use of keywords that people are likely to search for in the SERPs. This technique will help you get the maximum attention from your readers as well as search engines.

● Keep It Concise & Simple

It is advisable to keep your press release short and to the point so that your readers won’t find it difficult to understand.

● Avoid Mistakes & Errors

When you’re writing an article or press release for a company, make sure that it goes through multiple QC processes to avoid any unnecessary grammatical errors.

● Add Pictures, CTA & Contact Info

Including visual elements to support your press release can help your brand tremendously. Additionally, add a call to action asking your readers to take desirable actions such as “visit the website,” “subscribe to our newsletter,” etc. Lastly, always add your contact information so that the readers or the reporters can easily get in touch with you or your organization.

Keeping all this in mind, always remember to keep your press release content as professional and as well-written as you can. Moreover, you can always hire a professional digital agency to take up your press release content responsibilities. Of the many best digital agencies in India, Chimp&z Inc will always be a suitable partner for your content assistance. It is considered the leading digital marketing company in Delhi, offering its top-tier services to the most prestigious brands. Now it is your time to begin a successful journey with quality content and the best digital marketing services with the best in the game!