How Can I Start My Career in a Creative Advertising Agency in India?

Ad agencies are quickly becoming the holy grail for media jobs in India. There are countless creative advertising agencies in India that promise an exciting proposition for ambitious and workaholic youngsters. Not only is the agency life glamorized, but the diversity and range of roles at play in an advertising agency makes for great employment opportunities.

This diversity means that there are numerous people seeking jobs in advertising agencies. However, it isn’t always a piece of cake to find a job in an ad agency. It requires a good mix of characteristics and qualifications. You also need to have patience due to the number of creative advertising agencies in Mumbai, Delhi and other big metropolitan cities in India. But this article will be able to give you the lowdown on what it takes to hold a steady job at a top advertising agency in India.


You’d be surprised how flexible this requirement is! Any graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree could look for opportunities in the advertising industry. Great news, right? However, you do need a solid portfolio to land a full time job in an advertising agency, be it in any department. Work experience is the holy grail in the creative industry. However, if that is something your profile lacks, then you could even try for a fresher opportunity or an internship. From there, you could focus on learning and growing. The first heads up to you would be to build a portfolio, a body of work in your concerned department if you don’t have one already.


Alright, you want to work in a creative ad agency. But what is it that you want to specialize in? There are a plethora of roles and responsibilities when it comes to advertising. If you’re organised, disciplined and personable, account management could be an option for you. If you’re creative, socially aware and good with words, copy-writing could be your thing. If you’re imaginative and have digital art up your sleeve, graphic design is your calling. These are 3 of many departments that function interdependently. You must choose your forté through thorough research and introspection.


Your intrinsic motivation and work ethic must be on the higher side to thrive in a fast paced ad agency environment. It often is the case that work timings are elastic to meet deadlines set by clients, or to crack an urgent campaign brief, and agency folks pull all-nighters if the situation demands it. However, this is balanced out, as agencies almost always put their employees’ mental health first with their compensation leave policies.


Despite the multitude of roles, there is a dearth of creative thinkers who can really make a difference to a brand’s communication. This is why creative thinkers are so highly sought after in agencies. Creative thinking does not solely cater to ideation for communication but also to problem solving, especially with the freedom you get while working for digital marketing services in mumbai. Prove yourself as a creative thinker and your chances of propelling yourself up the corporate ladder increase exponentially!


It’s all about your people skills. Use networking opportunities to build connections at places you would like to work at. Speak to people with experience, as a good word helps a great deal in agencies looking to recruit. Maybe don’t pass on that networking event or seminar next time!

Keep these tips in mind and the next thing you’ll know is that your time working at a creative agency is simply flying by!