How Keeping an Eye on Trends is Crucial in the Digital World?

Social Media News

We can’t deny the fact the news is an important source to keep yourself updated in daily life. The digital world is constantly evolving, gone are the days where its use only for sharing pictures and getting likes on it. If you’re a digital media marketer, few things are very common – Spending a lot of time over the phone, switching different social apps, surfing, reading something favourable and tagging your friends or close ones on memes.

Earlier, people used to sit in front of the television to check the latest news updates. However, thanks to technological advancement we have made drastic changes to our habits – now consuming news on the go. A revolution that changed the perspective of looking at things through a digital lens.

Are you a digital marketer by choice or passion? Do you influence others or get influenced? Let’s check the importance of News in advertising

Content Strategy: We say that content is the king and it’s essential to have different content strategies to acquire customers. Surprisingly, more than 50% of businesses don’t have an actual content strategy in place, which means the marketer has to start aligning and optimising the content so that it reaches the potential audience.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends while integrating the personal traits of audience behavior, interests, and other factors will generate more leads and acquire new customers for business.

Thus, content marketing strategy is not just about an editorial calendar for a few weeks or months. Rather, having a strategy that will meet the purpose. With news and the latest information all over the internet, it’s essential to stay on top, be relevant and get results.

Campaigns: The biggest example is ‘Gully Boy’, the moment Gully Boy Trailer dropped, Rap and Hip-Hop culture are catapulted into the public consciousness and have become the rage all over India. Brands have quickly absorbed the trend and cemented with their brand campaign. Knowing the advantage, the brands have gone extra mile taking the Rap marketing route to stand out in the competition and create a higher brand recall by winning too many hearts.

Here are some of the campaigns you can look at:

1. Big Bazar – Sabse Saste 5 din


2. BJP – #ModiOnceMore

It would be great to say that the advertiser has set to communicate the spicier, trendier and buzzier content proposition to its readers.

Automation: The rise of artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, chat-bots, email automation, voice search etc. is the next level of the digital age becoming integral to our lives.

Why do you think that digital brand custodian should keep an eye on it? Just because the brand demands? Or you want to follow the trend? The real reason is to make your business move faster by eliminating the marketing efforts which have become obsolete.

Strategies: A strategy is a long-term plan which the companies envision and desire to achieve. While creating an effective business strategy, a lot of research and time are invested. Many businesses try to distinguish themselves from other competitors to generate-above average returns.

However, it’s impossible to prepare a strategic plan without keeping an eye on the competitors, innovations, opportunity areas, stakeholders, risk and failures, market time, test products etc. Thus, checking the pulse about what’s going around the world, would fetch a solid and competitive strategy fulfilling the mission and vision of any business.

In today’s scenario, where the established brand relies on reaching a larger audience and secure the return on investments through digital advertisements, the brand custodians are on their toes to cover all the latest stories through the news.