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How Our Global Brands Supported International Women’s Day In 2021

It’s that time of the year, a day devoted to vocalizing our appreciation for the women and glorifying their dreams, acceptance, and struggles.

While it’s true that every day is a Women’s day, but the occasion of International Women’s Day allows us to praise the cultural, social, and political successes of women from across the world. This year was all about empowerment and recognition for women and winning eyeballs with interesting conferences.

Brands like Tata Sky, Tata Sky Binge, Cadini India, and Yellophant Digital engage their followers by getting them to tag the women who play a central role in their life to praise them. As an ode to the super-powers beheld by women, some brands took the occasion to cheer women achievers from various walks of life while some brands flaunted their products sketched to fit a woman’s lifestyle.

Here’s a list of brands that stood out in the digital jungle with quality content and interesting talks around Women’s Day:

1. Tata Sky:

2. Portronics:

3. Eurosport India:

4. Tata Sky Binge:

5. Nova Eyewear:

6. Discovery Channel India:

7. GRD Protein:

8. Dhirsons Jewellers:

9. Neha Herbals:

10. Chimp&z Inc:

11. Cadini:

12. Yellophant Digital:

13. Griffin Pictures:

14. Edmingle:

15. anthi:

16. Dreamery:

17. Cane Juicery:

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