How To Create An Effective Social Media Plan

Do all of your Instagram posts have well-defined goals? Is your Instagram strategy actually resulting in sales? Are you looking to accelerate your business growth on Instagram? To accomplish any of this, you will need a social media plan.

What exactly is a social media plan? 

It’s what you do and plan to achieve on social media. A well-formed plan lets you know when you’re succeeding and when there is room for improvement. Instagram is the de facto social media platform for most users. That’s why a social media plan tailored to this platform can work wonders for your business. Check out the following steps you can take:

1. Set clear goals

Having a clear social media objective in place lets you track your success and return on investment. It will let you clearly define what is working and what is not. Having a practical end goal will help track your metrics as well. You will start to look beyond vanity metrics like likes and followers and focus more on engagement, click-through rate, and conversion.

2. Know your audience 

Try to understand your audience. Their age, location, interests, wants, needs, and so on. Start engaging with them on a personal level. This is an ongoing process. Look through your social media analytics and keep refining your social media plan.

3. Figure out your posting schedule

Twice a day? Once a day? Once every week? To be honest, there is no exact science for this and it entirely depends on your business. However, small accounts tend to post more when compared to larger accounts. It all comes down to trial and error. Keep changing your frequency until you find the ‘sweet spot’.

4. Research your competition

Figure out what’s expected of you in your industry. Social media accounts in your niche can help you spot what’s actually working in your niche. Analyzing your competition will help get a clearer understanding of your industry’s overall landscape and give you context for future opportunities.

5. Make use of Instagram ads 

You can start by boosting your content. Don’t know which content to boost? Try using Instagram’s ‘Insight’ feature to find your top-performing content. You can also create a campaign on Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram Reels and Stories are perfect for generating leads while posts work well for brand awareness.

6. Add the right hashtags to your posts

The right hashtags can change the game for your posts. Hashtags not only help new users find the brand but also encourage your existing followers to share posts relating to your brand. You can add up to 30 hashtags to your Instagram posts but that might not be the best look for your brand. Usually, bigger brands go with the less is more approach.

These tips should help you start creating a social media plan. Though nothing should be set in stone! In the digital landscape, experimentation is key. If you need help with your social media, check out this leading social media agency in Mumbai.