How to Improve Your Website Speed

Improve Page Speed

We’re all living a fast-paced life, and no matter if anything is fast in our life or not, we want our internet to be extremely speedy. If a site loads slowly, there is a very high chance of the visitor leaving without interacting with any content. However, if the internet speed is high you do not want the slow loading pace of your website to be the reason for the visitor to have left mid-way.

This is one of the biggest failures for an internet business. It is extremely important to have a website that loads quickly. If your does not or if you are facing the struggle of a slow loading website, fret not!

Here are some tips to improve your website speed;

Responsive themes:-

Since the internet has been introduced on mobile phones it has completely changed the way people consume their content. A mobile has quickly become the handiest way of accessing the internet. This means that it is important for the website to load correctly on the mobile handset. Select a theme that is mobile responsive and loads quickly, as mobile users are always moving, they do not have time for a slow loading website. Optimize Your website for mobile devices.

A fast web host: –

You need a web host that has almost zero downtime and the quickest loading speed. Even if you have a light website and a responsive but you compromise on the web host, you will be in tatters. The host is the one that drives the internet speed to your website, hence making it important to choose a fast host.

Implement AMP:-

If your website has a good number of visitors on mobile, then AMP is a must-have tool to implement! AMP delivers advantages like faster loading speed, better UX, enhanced SEO and low bounce rates which result in better engagement. AMP also allows users to access the website as an app on their home screen without taking the user to an app store.  So, get amped up for AMP.

Optimize images: –

Even if images add beauty to your website, they are the ones that slow down the website as well. Optimizing and compressing these images is the most basic, yet the most impeccable way of reducing the size of images and speeding the website. If you do not wish to compress the image before publishing it, you can also install WP plugins that help in reducing the size of images, with minimal effort.

Browser caching: –

If you think you have had enough of simple yet effective methods to improve your website speed, here is another one. Whenever there is a visitor on the website, their components of webpages visited by them is stored in temporary storage or user’s cache. In this case, when browser caching is activated, the site will load much faster when the same user visits again.

Stay up-to-date: –

To have an optimal performance from the website, it is important for the apps, plugins, and CMS to be up-to-date. This is the most simple thumb rule for all the applications but can be missed easily as well. Just make sure you make it a habit to update apps at every opportunity available. This will not only improve the speed of the website but also helps in keeping the website away from broken loopholes.

Reduce the number of plugins: –

Yes, plugins can help in simplifying your work, but they can also add unnecessary weight on the website. Only stick to plugins that are necessary for your website and try to install a lighter version of it as well. While some might say that if the widget is a plugin it might not add as much weight, it is always better to play safe.

Simple is the best:

What affects the site speed the most is videos and external content from third-party websites. This can include anything like chat, slideshows and site widgets. In any case, if you upgrade to higher hosting package that can accommodate these plugins you do not need to fret about anything. If you are not, try to keep your website as simple as possible. You can also use site like SEO analyzer to optimise your keywords.

Upgrade hosting package: –

The higher the traffic on your website, the better your host should be. If you are getting a high amount of traffic then there is no reason for you to shy off from upgrading to a faster hosting package. Once you upgrade, the ads and flashy fonts are reduced as well. These contribute in slowing down your website. If ads are your way of monetizing the website then you absolutely need to upgrade your hosting package as it will enable you to run ads smoothly.

Reduce code using widgets: –

If you have ever run a website test, then you must have definitely seen suggestions to minify CSS and Javascript etc. However, most of them are above our layman understanding. If you are stuck as well, we are here to help you. Just download another plugin to reduce the weight of these plugins, technically, minify the widgets. WP Minify or Better WordPress Minify.

To sum it up, what is most important to you? A fast loading website. The answer is the same for the user as well. Everyone loves a fast website that saves their time. In the end, time is money. Follow the above tips and techniques or connect with our website development team to improve your website speed.