How To Increase Website Traffic Using Google News

In this age of the internet and an ever-changing search landscape, it is pretty important to conquer the search giant Google and apply the proven best practices to attract a bigger audience and gain relevance. What’s more, business owners are constantly on the lookout for the best digital marketing services in Mumbai and other cities, who would put in a little extra effort to keep up with the Google algorithms and formulas in order to boost the overall traffic & attract bigger and potential audiences on their websites.

Apart from worrying about blogs and website post strategies to rank well, it is also important for a business to generate traffic from Google News, because, who wouldn’t want more organic traffic on their websites?

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the basics of using Google News to improve your website’s authority and attract more real-time traffic to your business.

To begin with, adhere to all journalistic ethics

Google wants us to abide by the standard practices or core ethics of journalism, with commitments to transparency, accuracy, and ethics.

Keep calm & write original news articles

Since Google is one of the most trusted sources of information, as a news writer, avoiding duplicate content is critical. You’ve got to publish original stories with accurate data taken from trustworthy sources. Don’t copy and paste content from other websites if you are aspiring to succeed in Google News.

Good headline matters

A good headline is half the battle won! When you write accurate, clear, compelling, and keyword-rich headlines that communicate the story topics, your news story is likely to catch the eye of the search engine. Make sure that the headline and the date of publication are easily recognisable to be picked up by Google.

What next? Publish the latest news and fast

Your articles need to stand out and not get lost in the pages of the search history, hence being fast, first, and correct matters! Don’t take too long to deliver news, be timely, be the first to publish, and keep your content current. If it’s not NEW, it’s not NEWS, as simple as that.

Google News basically works in the same way. Timely but original content makes it to the high-ranking stories on Google News.

Consistency is the key to high ranking

Make sure to stay consistent with your articles in order to be relevant. The frequency should be producing at least two articles every day, writing in a manner that resonates with the journalistic approach that Google News requires which is being unique, transparent, and accurate, for every story.

Develop Authoritativeness

Apart from developing page and topic authority over time, it is also important to maintain a spotless online reputation to earn the trust of your readers, and receive recognition from Google as a reliable information outlet, especially when it comes to news. In the long run, true news publishers will be ranked higher on Google News.

Provide Bylines and Contact Information

Google gives preference to content that is trustworthy and provides regularly updated sources. So, to make your publications more trustworthy and transparent, make sure to include clear bylines—and to invite inquiry—include correct contact information for the publication. For every other piece of content, a Contact Us page that includes an address, phone number, and email, will do.

Most importantly, use readable and permanent URLs

The next step to ensuring the visibility of your content in the cyber world is to use unique and permanent URLs. The URL of each page displaying the full text of content needs to be unique. Avoid updating the links so as not to confuse the algorithm and prevent it from showing your content. Make sure the URL is descriptive of the content.

Site and content optimisation for Google News

Keeping your content as searchable as your site is another fundamental step to increasing the chances of being accepted by Google News. Make sure each page submitted to Google News is optimized in the same way. News is fast-moving hence the degree of topicality, and freshness of the news story is a ranking factor in Google News. Use of the most relevant keywords and phrases in your headlines can increase the chances of your article appearing even when your target audience is searching on their own terms.

Finally, Click-Through Rate

Google tracks and determines article ranking by every click a post/article receives, so it might be a good idea to focus on all click-worthy components such as headline, description, first sentence, images, and videos ranked higher.

Google News is not just beneficial for readers. It can benefit your own website too. One should take the aforementioned guidelines into consideration when publishing news on their websites as it can be a ranking factor and help you appear on Google News and reach a bigger audience. Many site owners are looking for a creative advertising agency in Mumbai to ramp up their PR and content strategies, and tapping into the potential of Google News can enhance online visibility, increase site traffic, and attract more customers.

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Sreeya is a copywriter on a mission to create unique and engaging content. Apart from being passionate about writing content, she’s a traveler at heart and is an introvert who has a ‘people-loving’ side.