How to increase your followers on Instagram?

Increase Instagram followers

Instagram has more than 800 million monthly users and sky-high user engagement level. According to the reports, 500 million IG users browse the app on a daily basis and spend hours on the app. But, don’t you think that Instagram has changed alot since past few years, and it has become harder to get more followers on this platform than ever before? That’s true but there’s nothing to worry about- it’s not just you seeing fewer likes and less reach. It’s…everyone! I’ve been using Instagram for three years now and people keep on asking me about the secret behind my 20k followers. So through my experience, I’ve compiled a set of effective ways to get more followers on Instagram. For it, KEEP READING.

Create and Optimise your profile
Customize your Instagram profile to make it look good. Select a theme and post accordingly. Also, username and name are the only things that people can search for while searching for you or your business. Go killer with the both of them and make sure you pick a less complicated username so that it is easy enough to search.
To increase your follower base, make sure your account is public and not private.

Make the most of your bio URL
Your Instagram bio is the first impression of your account and people tend to follow you by reading the bio. So, always keep the bio interesting and up to the mark. See to it that the bio contains relevant information about you and your account. Also, add links to the bio of your latest and most popular content to drive traffic.

Post Consistently (At least 1 post per day)
Instagram is used to share content and it’s the basis of what keeps this platform alive. It’s very important to stay engaged, communicate with your followers and post consistently. If you’re not posting and you’re not much active on your handle, you can’t expect any sort of decent following what so ever. Also, post more videos than pictures because it’s seen that videos receive more engagement and likes than pictures.

Go live & post stories with hashtags and locations
The best way to interact with followers is by doing live sessions. This is something that I have done twice or sometimes thrice a week. You must select a good topic for the live session and make sure that your live session is engaging enough. Engaging live sessions can get featured on the ‘Top Live’ section which can get you plenty of followers.
Posting stories with hashtags and locations can be seen on the used hashtags and locations stories. If your story looks interesting people will surely visit your profile and follow you.

Go live & post stories with hashtags and locations

Figure Out Your Best Time To Post On Instagram
Your post may have relevant and good enough hashtags, but what if your post doesn’t reach your followers. So take your time and do an analysis before posting.
Use the Instagram ‘Insights’ to know more about your audience and the best time of the day to post.

Best time to Post on Instagram

Use trending & creative #hashtags

Choosing the right hashtag or the combination of hashtags can put your account on the map. More appropriate the hashtag, more people will see your post. Be funny, ironic, or outrageous – just don’t be BORING.

Here we have top 15 hashtags of Instagram:
#love (1,445,830,731)
#igers (245,330,213)
#instadaily (361,492,699)
#instagram (283,698,314)
#photooftheday (597,028,919)
#instagood (880,284,125)
#instamood (213,022,478)
#followforfollow (202,740,408)
#likeforlike (288,850,910)
#me (373,448,447)
#selfie (367,162,919)
#cute (467,216,124)
#tbt (454,312,691)
#nofilter (240,213,618)
#beauty (274,027,796)

These are popular tags with the highest posts on Instagram. You need to figure out which hashtags can be useful for your post and get you a good number of reach and followers.

Repost other people’s content
On Instagram, repost the content you like. This will lead the users to re-share your content in form of a story/post and you’ll automatically gain followers from their follower list.

Write descriptive captions for your posts
If you have a story behind any of your picture or video that you are going to post, I’d suggest you write it down as a caption. Storytelling is amazing and enjoyed by users and it will definitely help in generating engagement, likes, and shares.

Chimp&z Instagram

Share your profile link or username on your other social profiles
Share your IG content on your other social profiles to promote awareness of your IG profile. You can promote your Instagram content on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles by mentioning the link in the post copy and using the swipe up tool.

Host giveaways and contests
Host a giveaway or a contest on your Instagram handle and promote it on all of your other social media profiles. With this gimmick, those who want to participate will have to go to your IG profile to enter & to win. This way, these contestants will get aware of your page and IG content.

Interact with your followers
It’s very important and necessary to interact with your followers. It’s important to make your followers feel that you appreciate them and their love and support towards you. Maintain a good and long relationship with your followers and this can be done by responding to their comments and messages or by liking their posts.

Interact with your followers

The way I use to interact with my followers is by going live at least thrice a week and sometimes using the “Ask me a Question” or “Poll” feature on Instagram stories and trust me, it’s really very helpful and engaging.

Use Instagram Story Highlights
The new Instagram ‘Story Highlights’ feature is perfect for introducing your followers to what you and your page are all about. Give the highlights a good cover to attract the audience, keep it limited but attention-grabbing.

Instagram Stories
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Instagram Promotion
Brands and IG users or influencers can opt for the promotion tool on Instagram to get more followers in a short period of time. This helps in connecting with more people from the target audience. The promotion feature allows you to select a target audience or you could also allow IG to suggest a target audience according to your page and content you post.

So yeah, try these simple steps to increase your following base on Instagram. Because that’s what Instagram is all about… Right?

Do let us know about your views on how to increase the follower base on Instagram in the comment section below.