How To Leverage Instagram Reels For Your Business

Reels, the latest feature added by Instagram, are short videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. Along with reels, there are other video options on Instagram that include IGTV and the standard video posts. So, why is it that reels perform better than the other two and can help you reach more people? The answer may not be definite. But, Instagram is skewing more towards becoming a video platform rather than just a square post platform. Hence, IG promotes Reels as a way of encouraging people to create more video content.

Customers are more aware of the things happening around; from the brand insights to BTS. Brands showing customers things beyond just their product encourages a bond between them and builds trust. Reels are a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement. Here is why:

1. Reels have a higher potential to show up on Explore page
2. The Reels icon appears at the centre of the icon bar
3. Reels are shown on both the profile and Reels tab
4. They have greater visibility
5. Trending audios can be used to create and participate in trends
6. Custom filters and effects make editing easier

How can you leverage these reels for your business? As said earlier, reels are a great way to increase engagement. Higher engagement can help create more leads and eventually more sales. It also helps build your brand and create a sense of reliability. A good social media agency can help you understand and create a plan that will give you optimal results.

This is how you can make your Reels work better:

Organize Content 

Define your brand. Define what content you want to show and set goals for the kind of content you want to put up. This content could include showcasing the products or services, reviews, behind the scenes, etc.


For Valentine’s Day, Dot&Key posted a video of their team using their products. From product visuals to BTS and user-generated content, they cover an array of videos.


Reels on its own is a powerful video-making tool. It has audio, special effects, text, and filters to edit and enhance the content. All you need is a good quality camera and good lighting.


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Educational Videos

From ‘how to make a perfect eyeliner wing ‘to’ how to fix a flat tire’, educational videos will always catch the attention. Keep in mind that the first few seconds of the videos decide if the viewer will watch till the end or not. Make sure those videos have captions to make it easier for the viewer to understand the videos better.

Create Engaging Content

Instagram Reels are fast, fun, and creative to capture an audience’s interest. They allow brands to take a more human approach to build a community and form a genuine relationship with their followers. Onboard influencers and content creators who can be associated with your brand or product.


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Creativity & Authenticity

Reels are all about creativity. Use trending audios, transitions, stickers, or add your twist to the trends. Go all out, so you can manage to influence your audience within 60 seconds. 

Sometimes, even start new trends that other brands/individuals can easily recreate.


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Effective Branding

Use appropriate hashtags and captions to drive sales and brand awareness. Plugin your product smartly and creatively for the natural push.

A Social media marketing company uses the right tools and strategies to help your business grow at a good pace. They can help you brand your business and content. Reels are a great way of putting your business out there. Making the best use of the features, following trends, and creativity can help get the most out of reels. Doing this with the help of a professional agency can help you achieve goals like more engagement, increased followers, and finding potential clients.

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Author: Diksha Pawar is a copywriter at Chimp&z Inc, with about 4 years of experience in content writing and social media management. She is interested in makeup, beauty and fictional stories.