How To Use Trending Topics To Improve The Social Media Strategy

A trending topic is a subject that experiences a rush of popularity on one or more social media platforms for a limited period of time. These trending topics currently hold the consumer interest in a big way and can help propel brands, social media marketers, influencers and content creators. It gives them an opportunity to make the most of contemporary conversations.These trending topics often revolve around recent and popular occurrences such as public events, celebrity announcements, social concerns, breaking news and viral content. Popular personalities, viral videos, engaging moments are all that one can see as soon as they are on any social media networking sites. 

A trending topic can stay trending from a time period of one week to one day. With such a limited retention period, brands, marketers, content creators and influencers are always on a lookout to strike while the iron is hot. Utilising these trending topics and bringing the conversation to their brand to connect with their audiences in a new way is the ultimate goal. Here’s how you can make these trending topics improve your social media presence as well.

Find what’s trending 

Monitor what’s popular around the world, especially, what’s hyping on social media platforms. Use popular tools such as Twitter or Google trends that monitor what’s popular and determine which trending topics are best suited for your brand. 



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Who ate the Fries?🍟 #RashiBen? #McDonaldsIndia #ImLovinIt

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Direct with Hashtags

Follow and use trending hashtags, they simplify the process of searching about a particular trend. In the social media world, users can quickly get bogged down by information overload. Using hashtags makes it easy to cut through the digital jumble and direct to the information viewers really want. Hashtags are majorly used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Using a hashtag helps you reach your target audience, and likewise makes it easier for others to find you.



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I’ve taken all precautions to stay safe. Have you? #RonaldSays #McDonaldsIndia #ImLovinIt

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Keep your audience involved 

Identify and analyze your audience and find your target group, use their slangs, understand what’s popular amongst them. Once you have analyzed and identified, you need to create content that keeps your audience hooked on your page. Use strategic and trending content to reach your target audience and create interactive posts and feed. Encourage your followers to spread your content and share their experiences. 



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We’ll go first. Monkey Heist.🐒

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Visuals are the key 

Use visuals to attract your audience, according to smartbirdsocial, research shows that relevant images get 94% more views than content that does not have images at all. Photos on Instagram that have creative visuals have 38% more likes than those without them. As a result, pictures and visuals get a lot of activity, so they should be colorful and creative to catch your audience’s attention with each post.  


Keep innovating 

With the ever-changing landscape of social media, you have to constantly keep learning, and making necessary adjustments. However, you can only keep growing when you start understanding the challenges and expectations. That is why it’s important to understand your audience and competitors. Learning about your brand in relation to the competition will broaden your knowledge about your target audience so that you can refine your strategy. This practice will help you communicate with your target audience much more effectively and distinguish your business from your competitors. It will also improve and help you introduce new ideas for your social media content and navigate challenges in your market. 

Trending topics is one of the most effective ways to engage with your followers on social media and talk to your audience about a topic that already interests them. If your business participates in conversations when it counts, your customers will listen when you post about your products or services too.