Illustrations by Top Brands That You Shouldn’t Miss

Google World Cup Illustration

Illustrations, photography, videos and typography are the major mediums used by brands
to communicate with their audience and to create a memorable brand image. The illustration is a great way to clarify a piece of text or a concept. There are no limitations to what and how an idea or process can be conveyed via an illustration. Simple shapes, intricate hand-drawn artworks, quirky animated characters to funny and witty caricatures, various forms of illustrations are used by brands to connect with people. In the age of bloom for digital advertising, the illustrated route of communication is adopted by various brands to create fun and imaginative communication.

Here are 5 brands who love making use of illustration,

  • PaperBoat
    PaperBoat was started in 2011. Flavoured beverages which were never before sold in packages like Aam Panna, Jamun, Kokam, Jaljeera etc. are products sold by this brand. They wanted to target urban audiences and develop a connect via the feeling of nostalgia. Evoking that feeling with a storytelling approach is carried out brilliantly by this brand and can be seen through some lovely illustrations in their social media communication.PaperBoat CreativesPaperBoat Digital Creatives
  • UBER
    Since its creation in 2009, Uber is now growing to a valuation of more than 60 billion dollars. Uber has changed the way people travel in cities, it has provided convenience to millions of people worldwide while it’s easy to use the App and provided the customers to pick their ride, know who their driver is before he arrives and has completely altered the lifestyle of its users. For marketing purposes, UBER has come up with an illustrated route of communication which is used globally and is easy to understand for everyone and easily adapted as per the country-specific services.

UBER Price Cut India

Uber Carpool Creative

  • Airbnb
    Another app-based service used globally with listings of places to stay in over 190 countries is the online homestay, lodging and hospitality booking app Airbnb. An app where you can book a stay at a hostel to a royal palace or a simple local household, by giving the travellers and backpackers numerous options to customising their tourism experience. This Brand incepted in 2008 is worth 38 billion dollars now and has successfully created a community of its users and service provides. Airbnb uses illustrations various times to create content that can be understood globally, to educate people about their services and to keep the brand image fresh and friendly.

Airbnb – Be Someone Else on Vimeo.

AirBNB Creatives

  • Amul
    Amul is one of the largest Indian food brand and the world’s largest liquid milk brand. In India, you don’t really need an introduction to this brand. This brand’s popularity is credited to its mascot the ‘Amul girl’ who climbed the hoarding, entered newspapers and now is also active on social media. Illustrated artworks featuring her connect with the Indian audiences by addressing day-to-day issues and these popular ads have also earned a Guinness world record for the longest running ad campaign in the world.Amul Bahubali CreativeAmul Creatives
  • Google
    Google is currently the World’s most valuable brand. Google Web Search, Android, Google Chrome, and Google Maps are a part of our day to day life and it’s hard to imagine life or even this world as being the same without this company. Being industry leaders its workplace is described as a wonderland for tech professionals and such a brand has marvellously been using illustrations regularly to be this lovable. It’s the only company which fiddles with its logo on a daily basis i.e. one great piece of illustration everyday. Besides the doodles, Google also uses illustrations to promote its products while sticking to its vibrant colour scheme.

Google Doodle Creative

Google Pay Creative


Few Other honourable mentions

  • Facebook

Faceboook Creative

  • DropboxDropbox Creative
  • OscarOscar Creatives
  • MailChimp

Mailchimp Creatives Illustrations

Illustrations give a brand freedom to convey its message or guide a consumer through its service with fun step-by-step images or animations. Illustrations help a brand stick easily to a unique style and colour scheme that is relatable to the brand and stands out from its competitors. While many mass appeal brands in India are used to advertising on televisions and outdoor, they still prefer celebrity endorsements or funny commercials. Global scale new age brands created in the 2000’s which are mostly tech start-ups are doing themselves really good by focusing on their consumers and communicating with their audience making use of the wondrous gift called ‘illustrations’.