Importance of Timelines in Creative Agency

The Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal or the Great Pyramid of Giza, all these wonders of the world always make us stop and think. One can never imagine the completion of these humongous projects without better team management.

Now, if you’re a client and want your creative to make people wonder and applause for its idea and execution, then you need to understand that good work takes time. And, with your “it’s urgent”, “need the creative ASAP” mail, you do nothing but lay the foundation to a compromised work. To get the best from your creative partner, you need to keep a few things in mind before you send your next brief.

  • Better Planning:
    Nobody wants to miss a single occasion where a brand can shine. But, to outshine all other brands on that single occasion, you need to start your preparations well in advance so that you don’t have to satisfy yourself with that last-minute okayish idea.
  • Relaxed Timelines:
    Don’t put your creative partner on strict deadlines. Though this way you are forcing them to think and act quickly,  it is also forcing them to stop looking for original, untapped ideas and go ahead with the tried and tested ideas which are generally boring and fail to grab eyeballs.
  • Consolidated Feedback:
    Your creative partner always tries to give you the best. But, when you fail to give a consolidated feedback and constantly reuse the line “Maja Nahi Aaya”, it doesn’t result in better work as your partner isn’t “Professor X “from X-Men to read your mind for you.
  • Setting Priorities:
    If you have a task on high priority, do check your creative partner’s worksheet . This way, you don’t break the workflow of your partner. Or, if the task is very important and unavoidable, don’t hesitate to take the full responsibility of the stalled task and make sure nobody suffers from that.

Now that you have understood how to get the best from a creative agency, let’s do some kickass work.